Shower chairs


Roll-in shower wheelchairs.

Any views?

Steve-fighting for energy

Hi Steve, sorry I don’t have any knowledge on this subject. Someone will gave. Just wanted to say hi and send energy over the airwaves. Always look for your return on here. Anne x

Welcome back Steve.

I was provided with a roll in shower chair and it’s great. It replaced a smaller one I had that looked like a white plastic garden chair on wheels. Basically, that’s what it was. The castors were small and made it hard work for the carer to push around the wet room and it got rusty.

This newer one has slightly bigger wheels. A canvas high back makes it comfortable and the carer can recline it for hair washing. It’s a comode too although I had the pan, foot plates and head rest removed as I don’t want or need those. The handy thing is, the carer can get me from bed to chair and roll it over the loo (should I need to) then into the shower, without the need to transfer. It’s a great improvement. Hope you are doing okay.x

Hi Steve, good to see you here. I got a shower/commode chair from council/\NHS. It is a self propel and suits me well. I do have to get the arms replaced about once a year, as the foam splits, but that isnt a problem.

An OT sorted it for me.


Hi, Steve council services should help, also you could contact the M.S. helpline.

Hope you get the help you need. BB.

Hi Jackie, what type of shower chair are you using Jackie?


Would you benefit from a wheeled shower chair? Mine`s very good.


Hi there,

My husband has a freeway tilt n space showerchair recommended by his OT. The carers push him in it. It has a padded seat and is also a commode. It has lots of attachments if required.