Anyone using adaptations? (wet rooms, stairlifts...)

Hello! I am a research student interested in people’s experience with home adaptations (wheelchair ramps, hoists, walk-in showers, widened doorways, etc.). Does anyone here living with MS use them? If so I would love to chat with you about any problems/challenges you’ve encountered, whether they work well, and your opinion about the adaptation journey. Family members/carers who helped organise adaptations also welcome!

If interested feel free to reply, message or reach me at (removed by moderator)

Help appreciated!

What subject are you studying? Are you an OT?

Your target subject is very broad. One of the hot topics in the OT world currently is single-carer patient handling because by investing in equipment could mean big savings in ongoing care costs if one care can effect transfers etc. single handed.

Hi, I’ve had PPMS for 25 years. It progressed quickly.

I have a wet room, made from a bedroom, as existing bathroom was small.
This was self funded.

I have 2 ceiling hoists and widened doorways. I use electric wheelchair and tilt/recline armchair.

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My existing bathroom was converted to a wet room.
It’s essential for me, I can weight bear to transfer but I can step up into even a shallow shower tray and now have to sit to shower. I have a shower seat, but not a drop down wall mounted seat because I didn’t want to spoil the tiles!
I have a ramp at the front door. I can’t use my back door, there are steps and insufficient room for a ramp there.
I’ve just had an automated door system fitted at my front door.
All of these adaptations have cost me a great deal of money.
I’ve drawn the line at widening the interior doorways on the grounds of cost and the upheaval of building work, but there is damage to skirting boards and door frames from wheelchairs.
I live in a bungalow so don’t need a stairlift.

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Have you seen Freeway Raiser?
Sit to stand aid allows one carer to transfer person chair to wheelchair etc.

Hi, I am not an OT, my topic is more specifically on people who pay for adaptations privately (self-funders) and their experience. Adaptations are certainly a big help for single-carer situations and I am open to chatting with household members / carers as well about how adaptations are helping them with daily tasks.

Hi! I am very interested in your experience with adapting the wetroom, would you be up for an interview? I will send a DM :slight_smile: