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Hi everyone. Just wondering how you manage self care. I got to the point today where I had to take a bath as I was discussing. Hadn’t managed a proper wash for about a week. Ran a bath as can’t stand long enough in the shower. Got in the bath, lay there for a bit and was sooo tired I didn’t even think I could do it. Forced myself to wash my hair, but couldn’t manage a wash. I can’t keep doing this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Awright Stace! Had to do it, as I`ve been watching Gavin & Stacey…soz! Well my self care is mixed with me doing some and carers doing other bits I cant reach. Have you thought about getting a carer?

An occupational therapist should be able to take a look at your home and come up with some useful suggestions. A shower chair might solve one problem.


if you have to do this on your own, why not have a seat in the shower, I too can’t stand for long and have poor balance, my hubby, who’s my full time carer helps me, but I do have the seat as I wouldn’t be able to stand, also I can’t get in or out of the bath, don’t like warm/hot water either, if you have no one to help you, then mention it to your ms nurse and try and get some help, good luck.

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Yeh, as greenhouse says, a shower chair might help. Would there be room for one? Maybe a wet room would solve the problem. It did for me…plus carers

A shower chair and well placed grab rails might help. The physical effort of showering wipes me out, so I carefully choose the frequency and on occasion I have showered just before going to bed so that I have enough energy on the following day as well as being clean!

Good luck


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Hi Stace

I wouldn’t recommend a bath. Not unless it was very cool. One way they used to diagnose MS in the olden days was to give you a hot bath, then see how much worse you were afterwards. I discovered this to my cost, not long after I was diagnosed. I was feeling done in, so thought I’d have a nice long soak in a hot bath. I was wiped out by it! So showers only for me, and never that hot. Occupational Health gave me a bench that sits across the top of the bath. I can then sit on that to shower.


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Hi Stace, not sure of your circumstances. but if you live alone you can contact your local adult social services and they can send someone to assess your needs.

I did years back and got direct payments from the government which helped me to have a care worker to help with washing.

also occupational therapist ask your doctor to refer you they can come and modify your place. definately a shower chair is need you can buy them cheap enough on the Internet.

I now am in sheltered and i have a WET ROOM. bliss i have a perching chair and got some independance back. I use a long handled scrubby thing to do my toesies, i cut my hair short so i can do a quick hair wash i use a hair shampoo you dont even need to rinse i got it off internet in one of those disability shops you can just use it and dry off with a towel.

I wash the bits i can and let the water on my back do the rest. I cant say i am gleaming but i can say i did it myself. I have to be careful though as even a tepid shower wipes me out 2 days. to dry myself i bought a towel that drys you. You just wrap it around yourself, and one for the hair, and sit and let all the water drain into it lol.

then i just sit on bed and pat dry the rest. I feel better for doing it myself. I found it embaressing having someone wash me, i decided if i can do it some how i will. even if i have to stay wet lol.

I can only do a shower once a fortnight I know not good is it, but i have bought jumbo cleaning wipes its like washing a car lol. they are great and are designed for people who are bedridden and do the job, and a ladies one for the intimate bits (sorry guys).

long gone are the days of bathing and soaking in a hot bath. when i got stuck and my poor hubby had to try and get me out was the day i knew i was doomed to every loll in a warm scented bath. SIGH.

anywoo adult social services, and occupation therapist. xxx

I wrote this about bathing it might help Stacie

Hi Stace,

I’ve always hated showers. Love a long soak in a bubble bath. As my mobility has declined I’ve just adapted.

Luckily my bath has grab handles on either side but easy to fit on the wall low and higher up. Bought a bath step with a handle to help me get in and out, my left leg is bad but swing it backwards from my hip. Rubber bath mat, long handled brush etc.

Live on my own so always have my mobile hone with me, just in case!!

Between baths I use a face cloth to wash down and moist toilet wipes (Sorry planet, needs must for hygiene reasons and I don’t flush them) .

As someone said, ask for an OT to come and assess your home.


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