Blog page. Activities in Daily Living - Bathing

Hi if you have been reading my blog about my journey with MS I have added a page for ADL - bathing. I hope it might help some of you. I also did an ADL on eating.

Slowly i will write all six.

Hi Crazy Chick,

Another great blog and I can relate to it in many ways.

Over time I have realized that during and after having a shower (or bath on those rare occasions) that the heat was most definitely affecting my symptoms especially my fatigue and pain and I can also get overwhelmed by nausea and dizziness too but sometimes I’m left feeling too drained to get myself dressed - oh how I used to love having my showers never really baths but showers yes.

This also happens when the temperature changes with the weather like today, I’m stuck in on my sofa feeling drained and fatigued with horrible (tingling) pain all over and I can only admire the lovely sunshine via looking out of the window :frowning:

To try and help with these I keep my rooms as cool as possible with window blinds and I also have a fan, I drink plenty of cold water and wear lose clothing or a towel (if just had a shower) I just try to get through it the best I can - MS sucks :frowning:

Hope you’re doing ok CC?

Take Care

Twinkle Toes xxx

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