Feeling faint, weak, fatigued in the shower.

Increasingly, I find it very hard to take showers. The hotter the water, the more weak, fatigued, and faint I feel. I always come out angry in the end because I feel like I've been had all of the energy, strength and life zapped out of me just for wanting to wash. It's incredibly annoying. 

Anyone else in limbo (or those with MS) get the same thing? Could this be a sign of any other illness anyone might know of? 

Hi, im new here so probably not the best for advice but just wanted to let you know your not alone!

I've had to stop taking baths as i feel like im going to faint, i had the water lukewarm but even then its awful. I did collapse in the bath once and hubby was rather concerned!

I sit down in the shower now with the water on cool and try to be as quick as i can, no idea if this is a symptom or just one of these things.

So your not on your own with this, but i cant offer any help on how to stop it. hope one of the fabulous people come on here to give you better advice.

Hope it subsides for you





Good to know I'm not alone J! Many thanks for your response. 

It's getting worse each time I shower again but I'm keen on finding ways to deal with this.

Oddly, I don't actually get this as much, if at all, with baths - possibly because baths are "open", but in a shower I am kind of "boxed in", which better allows the heat to be contained.

Every so often I have to open the shower door and take deep breaths of the cooler air on the outside, try to shower with the shower door open so that fresh, cooler air comes in (but this doesn't last long because I don't want to get the bathroom floor soaking!), or sometimes I'll just end up sitting down in the shower doing nothing like I'm going to fall asleep.

When I come out in the end though is when it seems to get at it's worst: me trying to dry myself and put my clothes back on whilst feeling like crap urghhh -_-

I haven't fainted before though that sounds nasty :( I hope we can find some nice ways to help alleviate our symptoms here! 

Sending much love! x

I'm not in Limbo but know excactly what you mean. I have to have the water quite cool or it takes ages to recover any energy after.

I think that the reason is humidity. The hot water in an enclosed space makes the air very humid and that is the worst sort of environment for most people with MS.  Humid weather finishes me off completely - I can cope with hot weather, but not humid and a hot shower has the same effect. All I can suggest is having the water as cool as you can and maybe a shower seat.  Incidentally, I can't do baths either for the same reason - soaking in hot water sets everything MSish off too. A few years ago we got rid of the bath and had a lovely new walk in shower - it's been fantastic. 

Take care