Is this a relapse

Hi Everyone

I hope to get some advice from you guys. After a bath last night I felt very gittery on the inside almost as if i was trembling from the inside. Now this morning I have pain up the back of my neck and my left cheek feels like its hot/tingly. Inside my head feels so strange like I’m on a delay and not quite with it.

I have’nt contacted my nurse as I think symptoms have to last 24 hours to be considered a relapes and also because I really dont know who to describe what I’m feeling without sounding silly.

Have any of you lovely people experienced anything like this?

Hello Ruby,

The symptoms you describe are a bit like mine when I have had a bath or have been swimming - that is why I only have a shower every night and can’t enjoy my beloved swimming anymore. I always assumed that this was all because of the humidity but I must admit that I am not 100% sure.

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Rabbit Fan that must be awful, I do love the bath rather than the shower I think I will just monitor things for the moment but I do feel really awful

I only have a shower now. I have not had a bath for 3 years now. I like a hot bath and then can’t get out even with grab rails. All my strength is just zapped away.

Jackie xx

hot baths used to be used to diagnose ms.

the last time i had a bath was just after my diagnosis.

i fainted and fell against the door which burst open leaving me lying naked at the feet of my 17 yr old son.

my trauma was nothing compared to his!!

ever since i only have showers.

carole x

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I haven’t had a bath in going on 10 years. (I do shower though, I’m clean honest!) I used to love my hot bubble baths coming out lobster red but baths are guaranteed to knock me for six. The fatigue that’s comes over me after a bath is awful. I always felt like I was encased in a coat of cemete armour after a bath and it would last until the following day. Got the bath replaced with a big shower box with grab rails and a shower stool that folds back against the wall and it’s perfect. Now I think of having a bath almost as some kind of water torture, it’s crazy how ill they made me feel.

Carole - your comment about you falling through the door naked made me LOL for real! :smiley:


hot baths used to be used to diagnose ms. [/quote]

i love my hot tub and even when the weather is 30C i will dunk myself in the fizzing 38C waters.

i dont seem any worse for it; does this mean i dont have MS?


always glad to entertain!!