Hot baths.".........very confused

Hi there just been on a course of steroids, and having a real bad come down, all my joints and muscles are tight and hard to move. So I thought I would get in a hot bath to relax the muscles, as I was always told hot baths relaxed you, why is it Im being told not to have them, I’m very confused about it all, heat is ment to help and relax the body. Anyone’s thoughts would be really helpfully.

Hot baths used to be part of the diagnostic tests many years ago simply because, for many MSers, hot baths will exacerbate all of our symptoms.

I used to love a hot bubble bath but if I have one now it leaves me like a limp dish rag. Add to that the fact that my hands and feet don’t feel temperature the same as the rest of my body and are usually too hot, I have the choice of burning hands and feet while the rest of my body feels okay or cooler hands and feet and very cold torso. Then when I get out I feel as weak as a new-born kitten and a bit dizzy. Simple solution, warm, not hot, showers.

Tracey xx

I used to love lying in a hot bath to relax but can’t do it anymore, if I have a hot bath then my legs are so weak and heavy that I can’t get back out again! I have bought a floating thermometer - like the ones for babies and young children - and after some trial and error have found the best temp for me, so I can still have a nice soak. I also use epsom salts in the bath to help relax tight muscles.


Hi Lisa,

Although it’s common for MSers to find hot baths aggravate their symptoms, it’s not true for everyone, so the only way to know is to try it.

I still love my hot baths. It’s true they can sometimes aggravate my tingling and buzzing - especially during a relapse. However, I do find they ease muscle tightness, and for me, this more than outweighs the increased buzzing, as the muscle tightness is painful, but the buzzing isn’t.

It’s not actually dangerous to have a hot bath - it’s just a commonsense approach: don’t do it if you know it makes you worse (the same as most things with MS - you soon get to know if it’s not helping).

If you still enjoy it, and it doesn’t make you feel ill, you can do what you like.



i havent had a bath for 5 years because last time i did i fell over when i got out and burst through the door, landing naked at my 19 yr old son’s feet. (don’t know who was most traumatised)

strangely i have hydrotherapy once a week, the pool is warm but it doesnt bother me.

carole x

I really did just LOL! My son has just turned 20 and, while it is okay for him to wander about in just his boxers, it is not okay for me to pop to the bathroom wearing just my underwear!! He always yells ‘Muuuuummm!’

Tracey x

I’d give anything for a lovely relaxing bath. I can get in but I don’t have the strength in my legs to get out. One day I’m going to treat myself to one of those special seats that lower you in and out :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry Carole…just read your message. It made me laugh…I couldn’t help it :slight_smile:

Hi, before I this monster, I used to love hot bubbly baths, but I always had them too hot and my heart would thumps and I felt so knackered after.

I imagine a hot bath now would be very unwise!


Elmo & Pigpen!

I really did laugh out loud at your comments. My son has just turned 18. A 5’11 strapping rugby player. I can see him now reacting in exactly the same way

Tracyann xx

LOL carole… did make me smile. a good tonic…