Platform wheelchair lift?

Hi everyone

I haven’t posted here for ages but I’m after some help from anyone who has one of these lifts, I was given 3 companies by Disability living T.M Solutions, Pollock and Stannah. If anyone has used these please let me know how you got on. If you used another company and was happy tell me who please. I’m finding it hard to get up and down the steps to my bungalow, been assessed and will be paying for it but I’ve heard some horror stories so any help would be welcome.

Lost Angel

Sorry, cant offer advice as I havent had a lift like these installed. Hubby built a deck at the back of the house for me, with ramps.

wanna bump you up too!


l have sloping ramps to get out into the garden. l did wonder if you had asked a builder/handyman for an idea. Be a shame to have to pay out - what is probably a lot of money for something that MIGHT - be easily sorted out.

We got a friend to do mine.

Thanks for your replies, I have decided to go with a ramp like you say cheaper and easier plus hopefully ramp won’t break down lol.

Poll I was going to put a search out for you, how are you doing. I haven’t seen you for ages but I was told you still come on probably more than me because I’m busy playing games and sending hubby mad.

Lost Angel x