Portable wheelchair ramp


I was wondering if anyone had any experience of portable wheelchair ramps. I’ve just been away for a few days and there was a step up to the ground floor bedroom and bathroom, so it was a bit of a faff always needing someone who could lift up the wheelchair. And I’ve stayed in plenty of other places over the last few years that have had something like a step up into the house.

So I was wondering about investing in a portable ramp that could be wheeled out when necessary. I’ve had a quick look online and there seems to be plenty about, but if anyone has any tips or advice I’d love to hear it.




I’ve got a set of what they call suitcase ramps. Very useful if where you are going has a step.

They are not featherlight though but don’t take up too much space so if you have a helper they should be Ok.

If you travel round by car they are compact enough to live in the boot “just in case”

Shop around because I found the price differences were enormous. I don’t remember where I got mine from because I’ve had them quite a while.