Hi everyone !

I don’t come on the board very often anymore but I thought I would share some information with people (if they are interested)

I was looking for a ramp to help me down the kerb behind my house.

I looked at the ramps on disabilty suppliers and found them all quite expensive !

Then I found some moulded plastic, heavy duty ramps that are much cheaper (with quick and free delivery).

They are bought as pairs, but, if needed, you could buy extra pairs and clip them together.

They only cost £36 for the pair and measure 10" high, 40" wide and 30" long (from kerb to road) giving me a ramp that is plenty big enough and strong enough to get my mobility scooter up and down the kerb. The good thing is that you can place them slightrly apart if you need a little more width to get your scooter down the kerb !

Each section weighs about 7 kilo’s.

I know I am not allowed to advertise on this forum, but if anyone wants more details of these ramps, please private message me and I can provide the name and address of the company that makes them.

Hope this helps someone who needs ramps !!!


Seb - Someone was asking about a ramp to get his wheelchair down a step outside of his house. So hopefully, this will help.

l did answer his post - saying that the ‘mobility’ ones are so expensive and there were alternatives.

Thanks ‘spacejacket’

Thesee ramps would be perfect for him !!

Do you know his name on here ?

Hopefully someone will tell him of this post and I can nessage him the details !



I don’t know what’s happened to me yet, but last year I got a worrying medical condition that’s gone for now and it crossed with a lot of MS symptoms. However, I’ve also got epilepsy and arthritis so it could come from those but my epilepsy neuro won’t take it seriously. I’d a nystagmus for 2 yrs, and one day in Sept I was walking outside when ‘lost my legs’ and couldn’t stand up and my vision worsened. I clung on to railings till I could walk again and managed to get home. Till Dec., not every day, this strange sensation kept happening with strong tremors but if I rested at least I got power back in my legs although my vision and the tremors went on. I went to my neuro on a day when it wasn’t happening so he just changed my epilepsy medication which didn’t change anything. I saw himagain in Oct on a day when I had been ‘paralysed’ but managed to drag myself in. I was shaking so strongly he had to tie my shoelaces and I could hardly see.By the end of Dec. the nystagmus, incurable, went and I started getting desparately tired out walking instead of ‘losing my legs’. It felt like I was forcing my way through treacle and I felt lightheaded, something that just made me feel ‘ill’. When I saw my neuro again in Feb he dismissed it as a balance problem, nothing to worry about. By then anyway I’d recovered. I’ve also seen the problems with cognition and, although I’ve been an Eng. teacher, about 3Yrs ago I got problems with writing-can’t spell, can’t find the right words and miss a lot of the words. Again, tho’, epilepsy affects speech.

My neuro isn’t any help, I’ve annoyed all the others who look after me. Does any of this sound like MS? Never mind my other things, you don’t suddenly go ‘paralysed’, can’t see as your vision’s so fogged and shaking so badly you can’t even eat. Thanks if you’ve managed to get thro’ all this and I’d be glad to hear from anyone who’s had the same things happening, Sultan

Hi Sultan,

I’m not a professional medic so I can’t tell you that this is MS but I can say that a lot of your ‘symptoms’ sound very much like mine.

I have PPMS but we’re all different in how MS affects us (and our symptoms)

I too have great difficulty with writing, spelling and remebering words. My writing has become so bad that I apologise to the recipient about the state of my writing and I use the PC if at all possible to write to people !

I also have balance problems, weak legs and hands and tremors.

The best advice I can offer is to return to your GP and INSIST on seeing another Neurologist and ask for an MRI. (At a different hospital if necessary)

If nothing else, this may help to put your mind at rest and maybe even provide a definite diagnosis (one way or another)

Be strong and persevere.

Good luck

Seb xx

Hi Sultan, you may get more replies if you post yor story on the newbie/undiagnosed board.


Hi Seb, I’m looking for a ramp to get down the step from my patio doors into the garden, it is only a shallow step but still makes it tricky. Please send me your info if you think it sounds suitable. Thanks :slight_smile:

l have seen some on amazon - aidapt do several types made from recycled car tyres - with 10yr guarantee. They are about £36.