YIPPEEEEEE Thyssenkrupp Stairlift installed at last!!!!!!

A big thanks to all who gave me information about stairlifts after a knock back by Stannah and Acorn hubby has finally got a stairlift… It travels backwards at a point then turns frontways…Brilliant

Ooooh luvly jubbly!

Tell hubby to go steady now and no sneaky goes on it when he`s not looking…oh, go on then…just the one trip!


Well done Caz - Got there at last. Life will be easier for you both now.

Brilliant news Caz! Linda x

Brilliant, that will make your life easier.

Pam xx

That sounds great. That should make life a lot easier for you both. Cheryl:-)

That’s great

Thanks everyone, well he has done a few trips and he definately has to have supervision. He finds the getting off and then getting his frame a little fiddly. The OT will come to see how he is doing that next week so it’s all good. *I am typing but cannot carriage return Grrrrr

Caz, l now need a rollator to get about with in the house. Find them so much better then a frame - as l can sit down on mine if l feel the need. Also, l can carry lots of thing with me - phone/remote/ -books/mags/jumper/ carry my coffee mug/plate etc. lt keeps me in a better balanced upright position. l have one for downstairs - and one upstairs - the other end of the stair-lift. The rollator has a very sturdy seat - with backrest - and l can ‘get up’ off it easily. l like the fact that l can have everything l need in the carry bag part. And l can clip the gripper rod onto it as well - for reaching things safely. Don’t try to carry a frame on the stair-lift - get an extra one to keep upstairs - like l do with the rollators.

Hopefully, once your hubby has got use to going up and down on it - you will feel more relaxed when you are at work. As it must be a constant worry. Especially when he was trying to negotiate the stairs.