Stairlift is in!

Hi thought I should update with news my starlift has been installed with help from charitable grants! The British Legion paid 2k and the Army Air Corps Association paid another 2k we made up the rest.

It means I have not had a fall on the stairs this year!!! Most happy with that even if I now feel more broken than ever !!

Julie x

Fab, fab, fab news! Dont go speeding up through the roof now!

luv Pollx

Unlikely Poll! It is a very sedate stannah!!

Well done Julie… fab news…

Pat x

Enjoy your new stairlift, you’ll wonder what you did without it! Anne x

Great news, Sybil my stannah is 2yrs old today and I would have had to move without her! As Anne says you’ll wonder how you managed without her!! Linda x

May you have great joy from your stairlift, no more struggling not to fall, Wonderful news Julie.