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Morning all on this sunny, but chilly day! Just read the post re heating discount....hubby is researching!


My post title refers to my experience in trying to get funding for a much needed ceiling hoist. The massive, temporary floor one has gone back from whence it came, as it was breaking hubby`s back., plus us having to sleep in separate bedrooms was causing him sleepless night and me nightmares!


You may recall my earlier post about this. I was assessed as needing a ceiling hoist tracked my case pun intended, I think!


Well the cost is £3k...the council want a 13% agent fee!!!! Chuffin` cheek, innit?


So I got a call which told me they will only pay £1,250 and I have to find the robbery comes to mind, except my scooter won`t go fast enough to avoid the cops!


So, first stop is to MSS. They rang me and said they didn`t think they could give me the rest of the dough.


Then she asked some questions that I was taken aback at...especially this one;


`Robert Smith...who is he?` I was asked. I shivered, my lip quivered.

That was my dad`, I uttered. Dad died 10 years ago.

`Why are you mentioning his name?` I added.

`He was a soldier, wasn`t he? We could try the Armed Services Benevolent Fund.

You are in Unison, aren`t you? We could try their grant facilities`.

Then finally, she said, `We need a support letter from your OT`.

By this time, I was shaken up and mystified.


I`m now waiting for the MSS grant form. OT has already given me the support letter.


All this has made me feel so small, wretched and I`ll never ask for an DFG again!


Their criteria said if we had over £6k in savings, we could be asked to contribute towards the cost of any work......we don`t!

I have drafted a letter of appeal to the council, just incase the other charities don`t play ball.


Great stuff all this disability crap, innit!


luv Pollx

Oh Poll I am so sorry you are having to put up with this babe it is such a joke we have to jump through so many hoops- not literally I might add!!

I wish they (goverment chods) could live in our shoes for a week and see how much fun it is! Got to love the fact we all look and sound so well (not) ROFLMAO and equally PMSL etc etc confused


Jules xx

Cheers for your reply and support.


MSS form didn`t come into today`s post, as I had hoped. More waiting!

luv POllx

Hi Poll

Is there anything I can do? Is the form supposed to be coming from National Centre or a branch?

Greg [admin]


Oh Greg, how lovely of you to step in…I believe the form is supposed to be coming from the local branch ie

Halifax and Calder Valley…Liz Schofiled is the support officer.

Do you know if I can down load the form from this site?

Ta lots.


Thanks Sarah, for your support…much appreciated.

Greg (mod) has replied and maybe he can help too, eh?

luv Pollx