Funding for changes to the house

As my mobility gets worse, and even getting around the house is a struggle, I’m trying to plan ahead and think through some changes that need to be made to the house, including a plan to live entirely downstairs (and everyone else upstairs!), which would be quite practical if we could install a bathroom on the ground floor and a scissor-lift for the 4 steps in the hallway. So I got an Occupational Therapist to come round from Social Services to give me some advice and to do an assessment. Her view was that I’m still sufficiently mobile not to need big changes (though I did get a bath board!). Fair enough today, and I accept that, but I do still want to think ahead.

With this future-planning in mind, I’ve been trying to find out what is the level of savings which would disqualify you from getting local authority funding for changes to your house. Nobody can, or will, tell me what this level is! And they won’t tell me until I’ve had a full assessment of the changes required. But the current assessment says ‘no changes required’ (apart from the bath board). So: it is not possible to find out the savings threshold until I’m so ill that I need funding urgently. This means that I can’t plan ahead. If, for example, I have savings great enough to totally disqualify me from local authority funding, then I could go ahead right now and start making some changes well in advance of later failing mobility. (Or I could take a gamble, of course, and maybe later discover that I needn’t have paid for the changes after all.)

So: I end with two questions. Does anyone have experience of this situation, and more importantly, does anyone know what sort of savings thresholds are involved here?


Yes, I do!

I had a ceiling hoist installed last Nov. I needed help with the full cost of £3,200 ish.

My OT backed my request fully as i have nil mobility now.

Someone came from the DFG dept (disabled facilities grant). I had looked on line and saw that if you have over 6k in savings, you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of any work.

BUT that didn`t apply to me somehow! We had a rolling amount of

3k, yet I was still asked to pay £1,200. I couldn`t, but the MS society paid the remainder for me.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx