Been Refused Help with a Grant

Hi My Friends,

Recently refused a grant to have my garage turned into a wet-room & bedroom. The reason i was given was that i was earning to much. (IF ONLY). They also told me that, if i was to loose my job ( The job by the way that i have been fighting to keep for over 18 months ) they would then fast track me to get the adapt ions done. The thing is i want to work, and if i had savings i would pay for it myself But 3yrs ago i was made Bankrupt so can no longer get credit. Why cant i get the help i need where do i go … Im lost and its pulling me down … any idear`s what to do next would me much appreciated Craig xx

Interesting. Firstly, have you got more than 6k in savings?

Now you’ve stopped laughing, I’ll tell you more!

I applied for a DFG and the council offered half and I got the remainder from the very generous local MS branch. It was for ceiling hoists.

But I had read in the info re grants, that if you had over 6k in savings, you could be asked to contribute.

I didn’t have that much, in fact I had zilch and still do. It’s expensive being disabled, innit?

Now for a big job like you want, I believe their limit for a DFG is 30k.

Means testing is used, but if your wage isn’t astronomical, then question their response.


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H Craig

Is it the local authority that have said you are not entitled to help? If so, perhaps it’s worth asking the ms society if there is any help they can give you, there is a helpline number at the top of the page.

Not sure if you are new to the forum, if so, welcome.

Wishing you all the best.

Pam x

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Same thing happened to me crazy isn’t it we have no savings but because Lee works they said we could afford a massive contribution so even though the ot schedules plans we had to cancel it as we couldn’t afford it. we did manage to borrow a bit off my mother in law and did our own bathroom but we couldn’t afford to pay for the wheelchair lift or assess to the house or widening the doors, like you they said we could have it done for free if Lee wasn’t working. Michelle x

Hi Craig,

I suspect it might me because you’re planning to convert your garage, which would be expensive. It might be worth applying again to convert your existing bathroom?

Sonia x

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Hi sonia he is looking to convert his garage into a wet room and bedroom, perhaps a sort of annex.

I know, and that would add value to a property which I don’t think is the aim of the grants x

Me again. 2 years ago, I desperately needed a wet room and an ot said she`d put me on an urgent list.

I asked for a dfg and was put on their waiting list.

9 months later, I rang to ask where I was and was told I was number 161!!!

We ended up borrowing 9K from the bank which will take another 5 years to pay off.

Mind you, I have a gorgeous wet room which I call Hollywood, as it is glitzy and glam!


You probably ended up with a better one Poll , as i said in a previous message we had to pay for our own, and ended up borrowing from my Mother in law, but im so happy with our wet room its lovely and nicer than so many that iv’ seen done by the disabled facility grant, infact there are a few that iv’e heard of that have been so badly done , one lady cant shut her bathroom door once shes gone in.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi. I got a grant from my local authority for a disabled toilet. I’m single and was forced to retire from my job as a nurse following a spinal cord injury and then a diagnosis of ms. I had no savings as I’d almost lost my house during my fight with my critical illness insurance company as they tried to get out of my claim. I had nothing!! I don’t know what the limit is but I’m sure your local authority could provide those details, it might be worth pursuing as it’s a lot of money.

My OT handled everything, all I had to do was sign a form from the Local Authority declaring that it was for me and it was my address. My OT even arranged the workmen etc. I hope you get answers. It might even be worth seeing if they can adapt your current bathroom instead. Anything they offer is worth finding out.

Cath x

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