I wondered if anyone could help. I would really like to attempt to get a grant as I would really like to get an Upwalker Lite. A walker in which you stand up instead of being hunched over. If anyone can help that will be great. Thanks! Best wishes, Jo

Hi Jo

i applied for a MS Society grant last year when we were going through an extension on our house to allow ground floor living. I completed the form from this website and sent it off and had no expectations as I’m still working in a full time role. There was a bit of a delay with COVID as their assessment panels were closed. My building work was completed and then out of the blue I received an email confirming a £2500 grant. It was a really good feeling to get a bit of positive news.

good luck in your quest regards jacobia

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Hi we are looking to do the same for myself as I have remained upstairs since May 2020. We are looking at financial matters and how much this going to cost with the support of OT connect. Can I ask where and how did you make your claim etc. Any advice would be gratefully welcomed x

I am just looking at the emails I sent at the time.

The first thing I did was contact my local council to see if I had any chance of a disabled facilities grant. They rang me and confirmed that my income excluded me from this (they were very nice about it to be fair and said if my situation changes then I should make contact again).
I then sent an email to explaining my situation and that I was extending my mortgage to accommodate a downstairs bedroom and wetroom and wonder if they’d consider a grant to support this.
They sent me an application form and stated on the email that I’d need a supporting letter from a health professional confirming my needs, confirmation of my diagnosis from a health professional and 2 quotes for the work that was to take place.
I then received a further email saying they needed a report from my OT and also I had to explain how the build would be financed ie mortgage increase.
Covid slowed the decision down as their grants panel were not operating but about 8 months after 1st email I was advised of £2.5k grant which was a god send.
I hope this info helps and if you need me to email copies of the correspondence I used as an illustration I will.

Any questions feel free to ask and good luck.

Kind regards

Thanks for your email outlining the details. I currently have OT Connect involved and like you I’m not eligible for a grant. I certainly do not have a large amount of money saved up, so I’m either going to have to take a loan out or increase my mortgage. Can I ask roughly how much you spent on an extension with a wet room etc?
I have so many things to think about as I need this ASAP as I cannot continue living upstairs for much longer.
Social are providing me with a commode and I’m awaiting neuro physiotherapy, I’m also requesting I get a knee replacement to. Unfortunately I don’t just have MS, I suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankolysing Spondylitis to.

Thank you once again for getting back to me.


Sorry you have more than the MS to deal with. Life can certainly be unfair.

The extension we had done was a knock through the kitchen wall into the back patio area which created a utility room circa 2m x 2m with a door into a bedroom circa 4m x 3m then a door into a wetroom circa 2m x 2m.
Essentially the whole extension covers circa 5m x 4m.
I didn’t need planning permission as it was within the restriction rules but we did need building control sign off.
The build itself cost £34k and the wetroom cost £8k.
We live in a Victorian house and unfortunately we experienced costly issues from day 1 ie a retaining wall and sewer pipes that needed attention which added another 8k.
Please remember that certain areas are VAT free due to your disability. This would have saved us approx £3k on our build.
Things like tiles (from Topps Tiles) I had to pay out then send off back up info to claim the VAT back and the same with Victoria Plumbing.
From a finance perspective I borrowed more but extended my term which made it roughly £200 per month more.
I did the plans myself as I quite enjoy things like that and also kept full details of all expenditure.
Believe it or not our electrician is coming next week to finish his bits and the it’s completely done.
It’s been a long job but there were significant delays due to Covid.

If you would like any further info I am happy to help.


I assumed the grants have been stopped from the MS Society due to the COVID pandemic? Is this correct?