holiday grants / loans

hello all!

can anyone advise me about holiday grants that the ms does plz?

ive had a leaflet but cant find it at moment.

also really fancy scotland as need to get away from it all at moment.does anyone know a good place with plenty to see and do?

a bit bout me:

not wheelchair user but use scooter if walking as problems walking.

have a teenager so would like something there to entertain them too.

love to socialise,so dont mind other ppl but huge crowds i cant do.

any ideas guys?

ty x x

The MS Society has a massive pot of money available for respite/breaks. We are talking millions. Get in touch with your national branch and ask for an application. I am not sure whether the applications are not available online. I don’t blame you for wanting to come to Scotland, it is wonderful up here.


But be aware you have missed summer…we had it back in march! But it is lovely :slight_smile: Julia

Hi anon Try the MS Society they have details of “friendly” places to stay.mif you are eligible for motobility look at their site for places to stay. Hope this helps Mike