MS Grants

Hi there, can you put in for a MS grant more then once or is it just a one time thing please???

never put in for one so can’t help you I’m afraid. Try messaging Stewart the admin. He may know or just try and see what happens. What you after one for?

Hi, in the days when I was told I had MS, I did get 2 very generous grants from the local group.

The first was for a wet room floor and the 2nd, about 3 years later, was towards my ceiling hoists.

I guess it all depends on your local branch.

If I win the lottery, i`ll pay it back!

luv Pollx

Yup you can. I have had 2 grants from the MSS, one was for my scooter 4 years ago and the other was part funding for my basket ball wheelchair. I got £1,200 for both grants and I had to get more part funding for the wheelchair as it costs over £3K!


You can normally apply for one grant per year maximum. Different branches may have slightly different rules and any decisions will of course depend on the funds available. Contact your local Support Volunteer for more advice.


I would say contact your local branch and ask them.

Tracey x

can you get a grant for clothing and bedding with toilet problems?

ls this grant means tested - just wondering as l know one of our pals on the forum is needing help with a stair-lift.

Owned by Murphy…dunno, you can ask for nowt.

spacejacket…yes, DFGs are means tested.