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Howdy Folks !

Would very much appreciate any advice…

I’m on the cusp of needing a wheelchair just to get around my pokey one-bedroomed flat, as my balance is now so bad that I’m even struggling to stand in one place without having to lean against a wall or piece of furniture (…in fact I had a fall this very afternoon when I managed to catch my head on a door-frame leaving me with carpet-burns, bumps and bruising !!)

My question is, is there a grant available towards this type of major purchase ? (…I’m looking at powered travel wheelchairs as my doorways are too narrow to accommodate a full-size chair and my right arm is too weak to propel a wheelchair and grip a wheel properly !!)

Advice greatly appreciated - many thanks and best regards !


Hi Dom … this website may be of some use to you


Thank you Jemma!

Will have a close look this morning.

Your suggestion is much appreciated.

Have as good a day as you can.

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Hi Dom, The best way is probably your local authority (although waiting list vary considerably). You will need to see your GP and get a referral to wheelchair services. You then go for an assessment.

Some people say they can’t get electric w/c from local authority, but mine (Haringey in London) offered me one immediately. In fact I wanted a manual one and had to convince them I didn’t want an electric one!

The MS Society (this site) also do grants for w/c etc. I will try and find the link and post it… For some reason it’s incredibly hard to find! But it’s on this site somewhere!

Good luck with it,

Pat xx

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Here’s the link:

Pat xx

Many thanks for your time and trouble, Pat.

Can’t wait to see what the MS Society say, as I’ve never asked for their help before !!

Warmest regards,


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Hi, I think (but could be wrong) that if your doorways wont accommodate the kind of wheelchair, which Wheelchair Services advise, then they may not provide a chair, but may offer voucher towards one you buy yourself.

Trouble with that is that, as Pat says, you need a referral from your GP and then waiting lists can be off putting.

But, yes, ask the MSS for a grant.

Good luck and you are doing the right thing…dont wait till falls are too often and risky.

luv Pollx

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I was loaned an NHS wheelchair whilst i was waiting for my assessment (i’m still waiting) i wanted to use the voucher scheme to buy something that i actually wanted and felt comfortable being out in public with (i’m only 25 - Image is important) :wink: but the loan chair was so heavy and clunky i ended up buying one myself anyway (TiLite Aero Z rigid) i will still have my assessment and use the voucher for a second chair for indoor only use

Jemma x

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Yeh Gemma, still get the help from WS.


The NHS wheelchair service will come and assess you and if they feel you need an electric chair they will measure you and the internal doors! However, I’m still awaiting delivery of mine and it’s been more than two months! My other source is my pension providers, or perhaps you have a frozen pension with someone - they have always helped me in the past with various things that I’ve needed.

Just a thought if your ex forces try the Royal British Legion they paid for mine

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