How to Apply for Grant For an Electric Wheelchair?

Are those of us with MS entitled to a grant or some kind of funding to get an electric wheelchair?

Also were would we apply for one?

There must be many MSers on low incomes especialy with all the goverment changes to the benefits agency who cannot afford an electric wheelchair so who helps those on low income to get a grant or a free wheelchair?

Hi Jellybean,

If you see your GP and ask to see an Occupational Therapist they will asses you and if eligible you will get an electric wheelchair via the NHS. This includes all servicing.

Good luck


Thankyou George I am still waiting for an appointment for an OT.The endless waiting for appointments is terrible…

It depends on the rules in your area. Where I live you can only have an outdoor electric wheelchair if you cannot walk at all.
I cannot self propel so I have an indoor electric chair but they would not provide an outdoor chair because I can walk a bit.
I bought my own chair (bang goes my overdraft) but you could apply for a grant to the MS society if an OT says that you need the chair.

Thanks,Gosh I feel another fight for my rights coming on here.I only walk outside with crutches because I have no other choice or I will be permanently trapped at home,I rarley go out.

I need more of an outdoor chair than indoor.

Im trying to get information about what I maybe entitled to but getting nowere…