so dissappointed!

Hi lovely people, hope you are all as well as possible. You know i posted last week about my friends offering to buy me a power chair? Well, now it turns out that I can’t have one cos of the steps that go up to my front door. I can’t afford to have a ramp put in and neither the council or social services will fund it. I’m so very dissappointed and upset, i can’t stop crying. All i want is a little bit of freedom, is that really too much to ask? Sorry for moaning, love Bex xxx

Hi, sorry to hear of your dissapointment. Have you thought about asking the MSS for a grant?

luv Pollx

Hi Bex

I am really sorry to hear this. However, a thought.

Would the MS Society fund a ramp?

I don’t know a lot about this but it may be worth asking

Anne x

It’s worth a try, but i very much doubt it, cos I don’t have the right documents xxx

Hi there

Please give your local MS Society branch a call and a support volunteer will help you explore the possibility of a grant - they will liaise with the Grants team at National Centre and /or with local agencies if necessary. And remember you do not even have to be a member of the MS Society to receive a grant.

Good luck!


Hi You could also seek help from ‘care and repair’ who assist disabled peple in their own or council homes. They help with grant minefields then arrangr supervise and chdck the building work or adaptions.


I take it the steps are too many to take a folding ramp or portable ramp? These can be bought from £36, then mid range up to quite a few hundred?

Things can be overcome. We can do it.

Take care,


Morning, I agree with the rest, our local MS society help people to get grants, I’m in Huddersfield, but I’m sure if you have one they will, I can’t believe the council, how awful, anyway good luck, Jean x

Hi Bex… agree with others. Contact your local MS society.

Good luck hon. I can’t believe council won’t fund it!!! Terrible!

Pat xxx

Hi Bex,

Don’t give up! Sometimes things seem so ruddy hard it makes you want to curl up and pull the duvet over your head.
The MSS society, as others have mentioned is an excellent place to start. If you don’t have the right documentation – get it! As Hillery suggested someone locally will help you I’m sure.
The next port of call is local councilors and MPs. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that a way can’t be found to help you. Somebody somewhere will have a fund of money to spend on this – you just need to find them. This is just the sort of thing that the local press would eat up.

I know how much difference it has made to my life to be able to get out and about in a w/chair and I’m an old bird! Somebody young like you needs it all the more.



I’m not sure about the steps arrangement but would it be possible to have a carpenter in to make you a ramp? That is what we did and it works a treat.

Don’t give up! You have had some good suggestions such as a portable ramp and checking for grants from organisations. You could also check with ReMap, a national organisation of volunteers who assist disabled people. They have helped me on a number of occasions and if you explain the council won’t help (!?) they may help. Never hurts to ask.


Please don’t give up from me too.

I don’t have advice other than what you have already been told,but there has to be a way around it.

How many steps are there and is it very steep. Is there a long run infront of the steps to put a ramp?



I agree with the rest, please don’t give up, ask the MSsociety

to see if you are eligible for a grant.

Your local Council should hang their head in shame, take care.

Pam x

Bex, if you really want to shame local council you could call local newspaper. It’s the sort of story that they like to run esp just before Xmas!

Pat x

Hi Bex, There is some great advice here - please try to see if the MS society will help with something like a grant. This could make all the difference to you. Teresa xx


Don’t know where you live but have you tried the local Lions or Rotary Club

Good luck Gunrunner

Hi it’s me again.

I think it’s hard to ask for things for yourself.
However your lovely friends could stir up some energy with a bit of righteous indignation. A piece in the local paper would stir up a right old hornet’s nest. It’s a great human-interest story of some lovely people trying to do a good thing only to be thwarted by a few steps!