Morning, could I please ask for your advice.

I need to get a handrail outside my front door leading down three steps. Would I be able to get help from the council? My old MS nurse would have been on it and helped, my new, not so new (seen once in 5 years) I’m not so sure!

Where should I start? Thanks in advance.

Meriel x

I would first ask, do you own or rent? If rent, then try the landlord. It may be that you have to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. Also how is your mobility? Are you likely to need a ramp (for a chair) in the next 3 years? I f you are happy to stick with the steps - try the council.

Try the local authority first, they’ll provide up to a certain cost. I needed a ramp which I was means tested for and had to pay in full. I can only get in and out through the front door, but the council did provide a handrail at the three steps at the back door for my husband because of his arthritis. We own our home.

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I am unsure so I asked Google and this may have some info:


It doesn’t matter if you rent or own your property.

In our local area theres a scheme called Care & Repair which I think is accessed via the local authority, they will instal free of charge such things as railings, ramps, hand grabs ect ect.

My neighbour has just had some hand rails installed for the garden steps, grab rails by all of the external doors and in his shower, plus a stairlift, he owns his house, and is still working.

He didnt pay a penny towards anything.

Ring your local authority for advice.

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Occupational Therapy arranged for things like that through the local council.

I was never charged.


Yes, same as jactac it’s care and repair in Wales. If you are over 65 you can phone them up directly. ( not sure if that was because sh3 had also just come out of hospital). My mum had rails up the stairs and grab rails to the front and back door. She was really impressed with them. She owns her own house. If you are under 65 I understand you have to be referred by your healthcare team.

YES me too.

Morning Meriel, have you ever had a care assessment by ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES? Just google them for your area and you will get a help desk. ring them and explain your struggling. they should send out someone to do a care and risk assessment on you and this will also trigger O.T., physio etc. ALSO if you get a care assessment you may even be eligible for a DIRECT PAYMENT for care needs from the government.

If you get all this it helps towards application for PIP.

thats what i did and it worked out well for me. there are these things out there no one seems aware of.



I just got my new WHD and it pays 150.00 towards my fuel cost mainly electricity but they will take into account gas as well.

ALSO any adaptions like needing wider door ways for wheelchairs can get you council tax rebates.

buying aids you can claim VAT EXEMPT

PLEASE FEEL FREE to add if anyone knows of any other.

Crazy Chick mentioned VAT EXEMPT.

There are lots of things that you can claim VAT back for.

I bought an expensive bed/mattress and the retail assistant knew I wanted/needed it for medical reasons and helped me to complete the paperwork to get a VAT refund.

Basically if you are buying anything to help with a medical condition, it’s worth looking into.

All good advice