Advice for building works

I have increasing mobility issues, particularly getting out of my back door down some rubbishy old steps to the garden and the washing line etc. As it is the secondary access Social Care cannot offer me any help so it’s up to me to fund it. But who can I ask for advice for what I need? an ordinary jobbing builder won’t have the expertise for deciding angles required etc and I’m worried the costs could be prohibitive for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

When I was in this position at my previous house wanting access work that could not be funded adult social care gave me a list of builders that they used as contractors. I didn’t have the work done in the end because I couldn’t afford it but the builders that I contacted were all very knowledgable.



I don’t know if this is something an occupational therapist could advise on, so give your MS nurse a call & ask to be referred. My local council have someone who advises on accessibility stuff for buildings, so you could see if your one has anything similar. And you could try giving some local mobility shops a call too, as they may have some tips.

As for funding it, have a look through this, hopefully you might find something -


Yes an OT would be able to help, I was surprisd that she was he one to mention it as she was here abut smething entirely dfferent

We were looking into Disabled facilities grant, perhaps that would be a detter avenue,we will gt some towards what we need OT had already mentioned the access to the garden and then the chap from the dept that has the fnal say (environmet?) also told us that access to the garden would come under the same scheme seems he’d be even happier to pass that,even though it is not the pimary access.we need quite a lot of work ding at the back, which we have planed for but, as they say every ittle helps we need a level access door i.e no threshold to replace the doors there the moment, quite hopeful about being able to get it al done at the same time I was actally searching ramps when I came accross the exact firm we need for the back garden! i.e. to excavate and build reinforced retaining walls, happens they build a lot of access for public buildings as well as motorway bridges etc. the are not as expesive as we thought either, Isuppose,the bigger the firm.he more specalised equipment they own and the less they have to hire,therefore the less you pay, just thinking of skips!.the council will have a llist of builders who can do the work to current standard, for example the one that they want you to use fo DFG