Re-home advice

Hi all I’ve just had a visit from OT regarding the assistance I now need as things are not so good with my grip, balance and overall leg weakness. They have offered help with grab rails and a different type of bath board for which I’m very grateful. The thing is our house fronts straight onto the pavement and I struggle to gain access to the house on my own. OT have said they could put grab rails onto the door frame on the outside of the house but do no more as this would intrude into the pavement. I also can’t get up the stairs unaided or shower safely my OH has to assist me up the stairs and into the shower which is over the bath. They also said that as our stairs are so steep and narrow it may be difficult to fit a stair lift now or in the future.

We’ve had the property for 16 years and I don’t really want to move but they have advised us to consider moving house. Now as I’ll not be able to contribute to a mortgage I cannot expect my OH to take on a new mortgage at 45 years of age and to continue to assist me as much as he has to. The OT has said he’ll get as much info as he can on council housing or housing association with adaptions.

No doubt many on here have been through similar and I was wondering if anyone could give us some info on the subject …

Thanks Janette

A stairlift sounds as if it would be the answer - lf your stairs are a straight flight - no turns - then you should be able to have one. The seat, when folded,does not take up much space. My stairs are very steep and l have a stairlift. Before l had a walkin shower l use to keep an old ottoman alongside the bath - it was about the same height. l found l could sit on it and lift my legs into the bath and with the grab rails stand and use the over-the-bath shower.

l hope the OT does come up with a practical solution for you.

I was in a similar position in that my house was unsuitable for me. OT were reluctant (VERY) to approve a Grant for stair lifts etc because my drive was very steep and I was more or less housebound because of it.

I have been a home owner all my adult life but got divorced a few years ago and there wasn’t enough equity in my house to buy a bungalow without a mortgage. My age, lack of income etc made it impossible to get another mortgage. So I applied to the council. I got medical priority and was offered a bungalow after just 7 weeks.

The council put in a new kitchen and wet room, widened all the doors, outside ramps and a shed for my scooter.

It wasn’t until I moved that I realised how hard it had been just carrying on in my old house. The area that I am in now is not as nice but I am thankful everyday that I don’t have the bloody stairs to cope with.

I know that this bungalow will allow me to be independent even if I become confined to my wheelchair . I can’t say it wasn’t a wrench leaving my house and the location that I loved but this house is sooooo much easier.