Community Occupational Therapy

Fourteen weeks and two days after referral I’ve finally heard from the Community OT offering an appointment.

I’ve not yet got an appointment, but have responded to a voicemail message to me by leaving… A voicemail message.

We could be playing voicemail tennis for weeks, but I do realise they cannot sit at the end of a phone all day.

i suspect that as we own our own home, or at least most of it, the rest belonging to the bank while we are paying a mortgage, any work deemed necessary or recommended will be means tested and all I am likely to get is advice as to what we could pay for ourselves to make it easier and safer for me.

i don’t expect much which is just as well as I don’t get much from the NHS, not even an annual review with a neurologist, but that’s another issue which I’ve had a moan about before.

After a little wait I had a visit from our local councils OT, 3 months in all.

She was able to arrange raised height loo seat that has a frame which gives me handles to lift against instead of the basin or radiator as well as getting an additional hand rail up the stairs so I’ve one on each side. She would have also provided a shower seat had I not already sourced that myself. All this and a future contact number even though I own (along with the bank) the property, so you should be alright as well.

Fingers crossed for you :wink:


i got shower rails and a shower seat.

also a perching stool and a clever little device for opening jars.

i own my own home and it wasnt means tested.

carole x

Thanks, I did have a visit about three years ago, following a fall, when I got a perching stool and a grab rail at the back door. I couldn’t have the ‘approved’ shower seat because it was too big for our shower cubicle so I bought my own. I had already had the toilet raised onto a little platform seven years ago, so that I wouldn’t have to have one of those raised toilet seats and rails. At the time I declined rails at the front door because I didn’t want to advertise “disabled or elderly person lives here” as it would make me feel vulnerable. Looks like I might have to admit defeat as I’m struggling to get up the step in, then a further step in at the inner door.

ive got this second referral following a fall up those steps, I was told it would be acted on immediately if it was received by fax, fourteen weeks is immediately? and still three weeks to my appointment. They rang this morning.

i only mentioned the means testing thing because of something I read in the Daily Mail today…about the elderly and disabled being declined all but the very minimum adaptations to keep them at home because of budget cuts etc. The article mentioned means testing, so I’m not expecting much.

if I expect the worst while hoping for the best, I will never be disappointed!

We just managed to beat the budget cuts in our area. It would be about this time last year when an OT came out and recommended I had a stair lift put in. She said it would be on long term loan. In between the installation and her getting back in touch to make sure everything was ok the council changed the ruling. Now people would have to apply for a DFG and it is therefore means tested.

I know what you mean by expecting the worst but I do hope you’re not disappointed!

Sarah x