Occupational therapy virgin.

Hello to everyone and what a fine bright day it is here in East Sussex.

On Friday we’re getting a visit and I presume an assessment from an occupational therapist. We’ve never seen one before so have no real idea what to expect. Even though my wife and I are fairly clued up and have a good idea of relevant areas of improvement may be possible (with help), I wondered if anyone had any tips on dealing with such people, bearing in mind the current financial state of local authorities and that I can’t help thinking they’ll be more concerned with what they can get away with rather than putting our needs first.

I may appear to be an old cynic but experience gives me good reason to be so and I know many on the forum have had dealings in this area before.

Many thanks and good wishes, Steve.

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Hello Steve My occupational therapist was lovely. She organised me a bath board, chair that goes round the toilet, high chair to sit on at bathroom sink and a support rail that tucks at the side of my bed. I live in a first floor flat, she even arranged handrails on the stairs. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hi Steve

I found my helpful, but that is only my experience, so keep an open mind, hope it all goes well for you.

Pam x

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Steve- we’ve only ever found them ultra sympathetic and helpful. They’ve given us all sorts of stuff for nothing, though there is a cap of £1k per item, above which you’re on your own if you have savings.

So you should relax, and let them lead you through the various aspects of you daily life and find ways they can make things easier.

so far we’ve been given :

more rails than you can shake a stick at

elephants feet to raise chairs and bed

a bath board

a Mangar cushion plus compressor to lower me into and raise me out of the bath

an aluminium ramp for the back door

a bed-stick

bed head raiser (didn’t suit, returned)

various inflatable seat cushions and mattress cushions, only one of which I liked: no problem, they take them back.

a rota- stand and a Return 7500 stand, both for transfers

a sliding board ditto

2 Zimmer frames (one upstairs, one downstairs), and a caddy for carrying things for one

a toilet riser

a perching stool for the kitchen

So this is Milton Keynes, I don’t know what other authorities are like. And my needs have changed, so some of these items have gone back while others have been offered. I hope you find your OTs are as good as mine are. Good luck.


Hi Steve

Think I thought why are they coming, I don’t want strangers in the house criticising how things are.

But in reality the OT was quite the opposite, incredibly helpful ever so understanding and aware of how much to offer without forcing anything on me and leaving a door open if I changed my mind about their suggestions.

I hope yours is equally as beneficial to you as well, good luck.


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Thanks for all your encouragement. I feel much better about it already. Fortunately my wife is brilliant at explaining my needs in a calm thorough way.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Steve I never wanted any help I could cope.etc. etc.

In reality they only wanted to make MY life better to enable ME to have more energy and be safer. They have been so good I could cry. Hope you get on okay with them mine have been marvellous.


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