Occupational therapist referral

A little over three years ago following a spectacular fall which left me with broken ribs my gp referred me to the community OT. Three months later, and two referrals later, I got a visit and she provided a perching stool and a couple of grab rails at the back door(I refused them for the front, not wanting to advertise ‘disabled person lives here’). She left me her telephone number should I need her again. Seven weeks ago following another fall getting up the step and in through the front door, I rang her, thinking maybe it is time for rails and possibly a ramp, or just some advice. So I rang only to be told as it’s so long since I saw her I need a new referral, but that if my gp faxed it through they would act on it immediately. I rang my gp and explained. He did the referral the same day, but I’m still waiting for the immediate action from the OT. I know the nhs does have waiting times/lists for just about everything, but I feel very much abandoned by it, in particular, neurologist, not got one, ms nurse, not got one of those either, OT and physio. Should I get back to my gp who I might add us a great support, or just wait and see how long it takes? Or maybe just wait to see if it is routine to ignore referrals to see if they go away? I’m not elderly, but if I was I could die waiting, but at least they could tick another box!

You said the gp did the referral 7 weeks ago so ring OT dept, that’s what I’d do. Good luck x

I waited seventeen weeks for a visit, after asking my GP to chase it up, then another four weeks to get a bed handle, I’m still waiting to see if they are able to do anything with the doorstep. I don’t need a riser recliner chair but WHEN I do, rather than IF, which I thought a very negative attitude from her, I will be eligible for funding for one, but will probably spend twelve months on the waiting list, so they suggested buying my own ready for when I need it. Nice lady though.