Hi, i new to this site (cant comment on the old one i was never on it )

I posted a question the other evening on here and it just disapeared .

it is probably my own fault i am not computer savvy.

I was asking what should i expect from thr OT who is accessing my needs

for a power wheelchair, are there any do:s and dont;s that i need to know ?

My dealings with OPs in the past have been very stressful and always end

in a argument as they tell me what i need, and NOT what i know i need.

For example i asked for a toilet and wash hand basin for my bedroom

they said i couldnt have one,but they would send out 2 carers every night

to make sure i could empty my night bag (I have a supra pubic catheter ).

i refused and i thought "what would it cost to send two people to come out

to me 365 days a year.

So i would more than welcome and suggestions of how to proceed.

Kind regards John

My own experience of OT has been very positive. I got lots of help/ideas from the local council one.

When my council bungalow was being adapted I had help from the OT working from the housing dept. She suggested lots of things that I would never have thought of – including a number of things that I was sure that I didn’t need (eg a seat in the shower) but which have proved invaluable.

When money is involved – for disabled facilities grants for example the OTs hands may be tied and the advice may therefore be less useful.

Regarding a powerchair – in my area this assessment is done by wheelchair services and not OT. In my case I was allocated an indoor powerchair because I can’t self propel due to weakness and un-coordination of my left arm and I was experiencing a lot of falls. To get an indoor/outdoor chair you need to be not walking at all – using the indoor chair 100% of the time.


Thanks for that, suppose its down to the OP you have

i agree DFG and most councils budgets have been cut.