Needs assessment

Hi everyone,

I have my needs assessment in the morning and am not sure what to expect. Could anyone give me some insight? Thanks,


hi, hope your assesment goes/went well, sorry i cant help at all never had one but good luck!

sophie x

I’ve never had one either, I have been refused twice, but I won’t go into that just now.

I would just like to wish you luck and suggest you answer the questions with how bad you are at your worst, and make it very clear how much you can’t do, rather than how much you can manage for yourself.

Is this needs assessment by an OT?
If so, they will be looking at what aids they can offer to help you live a fairly normal life.
These include stuff like bed levers (helps you get in), mods to the bathroom, an extra stair-rail, and even hand rails up to the front door.
If its a financial or care assessment - sorry cannot help.
But do let everyone know what happened.


How did it go? Hope it went well


Hi flowerpot,

sorry to be a nosy monkey but “I won’t go into it now” is like a carrot on a stick to me

do you mean that your local authority have twice refused to do a needs assessment? I don’t think they can do that - have you asked for one yourself or was it requested by someone like your GP? Morally I don’t see how a LA can refuse to see if a person needs help when asked. They can assess you as having no needs of course but to not do the assessment in the first place is reprehensible.

sorry to be poking my nose in but I just can’t help myself!!!


Emma, How did it go? - And was it the OT - or was it for the care component of DLA. l get the high rate mobility - but l have never asked about getting the care allowance part. And since first getting the DLA - l now need more help with personal care. So l am going to enquire. They came and assessed me at home for the DLA [ disabled living allowance].

There are some good sites that help with benefits. Making sure you are claiming for what you are entitled to. and l expect someone will know of others.