Please Help Neded as having PIP assessment ...

Hi All,

I’m having a PIP Assessment done tomorrow.Glad that things are finally moving (hopefully in right direction) but am really worried now as don’t know what to expect. So does anyone know what happens in the assessment and what, if anything i need to have prepared for the powers that be that will be coming out tomorrow please? Really need the advice ASAP please as the DVD that they sent me wouldn’t play and I have only now just remembered about it. Just been so busy here as per usual see…

All help much grateful for so thank you guys

God Bless

Anna x

Left it a bit late,havent you ?

Hi Anna,

Sorry you didn’t get any helpful advice in time - just wanted to say I hope it goes alright today.

I don’t think you are really supposed to “prepare” in any case - they will want to assess you as you are normally - so not with pre-rehearsed responses.

If it’s not already too late to advise, you may wish to avoid repeating to the assessor that you have been “so busy”, as this could convey the wrong impression about the extent (or not) of your disabilities. You should be honest, of course, but if you are claiming you need help with care, mobility etc. it might not be a good idea to open a conversation about how busy you’ve been, as this could lead to questions about what exactly you’ve been busy with, and how on earth you managed it all, if you supposedly face such difficulties… “Sorry, I’ve been really busy…” is not a great way to demonstrate your life is quite restricted, and you’re in need of help to maintain your independence.