I have managed to get a cancellation appointment for next week after waiting nearly 7 months…

I have no idea what to expect though :frowning: i have heard some right horror stories! Are they really as bad as i have heard?


Yes i am afraid so but you will cope and get through it . just be honest and make sure that you don’t play down how things affect you and even all the horrible stuff that we like not to think about , and if you are turned down appeal until you get there. All the best katy

Good luck hunny!

Just be you and take your time…I`ll get my PIP thingy at some point next year.

luv Pollx

Katy what sort of thing should i expect? Someone said they do things to ‘trip’ you up like drop a pen on the floor to see if you pick it up? I spoke to ATOS today and they said its just questions and its not aimed to see how ill you are, just to see how the illness affects my life?

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I’ve not had to do one, but I’ve heard that it can be good to record the conversation. That way, you’ve got a record of what was said in case they put anything incorrect down.


Hi again they will watch you from the moment you arrive til the moment you leave so just be aware of that not that i am saying you should act any differently even down to how i was dressed and if i could get out of the car and walk to the place was observed and if i could reach down to my handbag and get something out yes i could but the bag was on my lap but it wasn’t reported that way. if they ask you to do anything like lie down on an exam bed don’t do it unless you are comfortable getting on and of with no help i was not so didn’t do it and it was reported as such and you just need to state why you cant do it . i hope you can take someone else with you as they can remember things that where said and how they were worded so when you see the report you can challenge anything that you feel is wrong . i can only write how things happened for me and i had to go to a tribunal to get an award and had many sleepless nights worrying about it .i really hope it all goes smoothly for you and you dont have to go through all that. Take care katy

Evening whilesy I just had decision on mine through which I’m happy with but just got it. The interview for me wasn’t half as bad as thought it was they do watch you every second if you got nothing to hide you be fine. I’ve been lucky from assessment to decision it has been 7 weeks I hope yours goes easy aswell Pen xx