Pip assessment! advice needed

Just recieved an appointment for a face to face interview for pip! a bit nervous about it just wondering what to expect?..I’m a new claiment has anyone else experienced an interview and if so how did you get on?..also how long after this do you hear if your claims been successful?..thanks Emma x

Can’t help you Ems cos I’m STILL waiting to hear anything! I even rang ATOS and it’s being assessed…

Just wanted to say good luck though, I hope it goes OK.

Sonia x

I have mine of Wednesday I am feeling nervous too.

Hope it goes ok let me know…just wondered what they ask and how they do the assesment x

Is it at home Emma?

No have to go to a medical centre which is nearly 40 miles from where I live!!

40 chuffin miles! Someones aving a laff, aren`t they?

Isn`t there somewhere closer, like the job centre?

This is really rubbing salt in.

How will you get there and will they reimburse travel costs?


Hi poll I’m getting a friend to take me I could drive myself but will be too nervous! Never thought about claiming my travel back didn’t know you could! I’m dreading it they probably do it so less people claim! Emma x

Hi Emma I didnt have to do the assessment when I claimed, I think that was mainly down to DWP had already assessed me for help with Access to work and it was their advisor who told me to claim PIP.I was surprised I wasnt give a face to face assessment as was told to expect one. Good luck hope everything goes well. Polly x


i have had an appnt for a medical test with the Captia PIP guys in nxt few wks - is this the same thing tht your speakin about love?