PIP Face to Face

Hi All,

A while ago I wrote saying that the dreaded brown envelope inviting me to apply for PIP. I had a lot of response with advice & reassurance which was very much appreciated.

Despite filling in the form, supplying additional information & giving them reams of supporting evidence from all the professionals of which, as you all know, are many, I had a phone call this morning to arrange a face to face assessment date, which is on Wednesday of next week.

I’m absolutely terrified which in some ways is a good thing as when I get nervous it makes some of my symptoms worse. Can anyone give me any info on what I can expect please? x

Hello elvelero.

I’m sure the assessor will be very nice and have a reassuring manner. You will be asked how you manage your daily life, what you can and can’t do, distances that you can walk without resting etc. You’ll be asked questions pretty much like the questions on the assessment form. Obviously you’ll be being observed, so I don’t recommend entering the assessment with a skip and a hop.

You’ll feel wonderful when it’s all over.

Good luck.

Hi, this is my first time posting anything on here but I saw this and felt I needed to give you some advice! The face to face assessments are tough very nerve wracking and tiring I have also yesterday found out they also tell lies on the final reports as I have now had my PIP stopped due to these lies! Please makesure you have your wits about you and do not trust them because they seem like they empathise because in most cases they don’t! As long as you have evidence to always back up what you say you will be fine! Take it easy try not to get to stressed as this will not be good for you in the long run (believe me I’m currently having a really bad time with my symptoms because of the stress this had bought on). Most of all makesure you do not miss a thing out about how you feel daily and how much you struggle!! Good luck!

hi elvelero

if you can, get someone to attend with you.

not to do the talking but for moral support.

meanwhile have a good think about the times when you don’t feel safe.

be brutally honest even if it is embarassing.

i’m scared of fainting on the loo, which i did once due to constipation.

i have low blood pressure so i can feel it drop at times which is just before i faint.

the key words are safely, repeatedly and in a timely manner.

so if you’re anything like me, you will shower and get dressed without making a big deal of it.

however, i wobble all the time and i’ve learned not to grab the shower curtain to steady myself (that was a sorry story) so i always use the grab rails!

it takes a lot longer than it used to. i only shower once a day. (i think i’m good because of that!).

so when you complete the form make sure to address those key words in every answer.

you may find yourself repeating answers from a previous question, don’t worry if the poor old assessors get bored!

you can cross reference (for example - see question 23 section a) or cut and copy if you are doing it on a computer.

think through your day and write it up, it will be a great help when you come to fill in that mammoth form.

be very careful about what you say about your walking, don’t overestimate the distance you can do safely, repeatedly and in a timely manner.

it is very stressful and we know what that does to our ms.

try not to let it drag you down, it may be evil but it is a necessary evil!

after the assessment write to whoever did it (eg atos) and request a copy of the assessors notes.

good luck

carole x