Pip assessment

Hi all just had my pip face to face I was nervous but wasn’t as bad as I thought ,have heard some horrible stories. The questions they ask can be hard to answer as this illness isn’t that simple. I tried to explain how one day can be different to the next with my symptoms,not really sure how it went just wondered if anyone can tell me how long roughly it is before you hear your decision,I was waiting nearly 8months for my face to face . Thank you for any replies x

Hi Jabby.
Recently been through this myself.
As long as the HP report isn’t chosen for audit then it should be back with the DWP within 1 week.
The DWP then are aiming to get most decisions made within 4 weeks.
So all things considered you should get your decision in about 5 weeks from the date of your interview.

However this is still a very new system so it may be a little longer.

Take Care!


Hi Jabby and Steve. I’m interested to hear anything about PIP assessment. My husband is waiting for his appointment - it’s been four months since he applied. We have no idea what is done during the PIP assessment so any info would be great.

I know the DWP are working to a 6 month application time so the fact you’ve waited 8 months for your face to face I hope that means you hear from them soon.

Good luck to you both with the outcome.


Thank you for your help I couldn’t find any information on how long the decision takes ,hopefully I won’t be kept waiting to long. I think if I remember correctly I’ve read a couple of your posts Steve ,I’m glad all went well for you. Gill the assessment isn’t really that bad your husband will be asked the questions as it did on the forms and maybe ask a few more details. I did get asked things which were hard to answer but explained how things can change from 1 day to another he came across quite understanding. I also had a memory test he put 3things on the table,took them away and later asked what the items were. I hope some of this helps, take care x