Post PIP Assessment

Hi all,

So I finally had the dreaded PIP face to face assessment last Friday morning and within a few hours got the text to confirm the DWP had received the report. Now I am having a bit of a dilemma here because whilst the assessor seemed nice enough , asked relevant questions and seemed to have some understanding of MS I am somewhat curious as to what she has written and to be honest I am trying to second guess the potential points and the potential impact that it could have to our lives.

So do I ask the DWP for a copy now or does that make me appear worried / concerned / desperate or do I leave it until I have a decision and then get a copy if I think they are bonkers and miles off the mark.

Thoughts appreciated


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Sally - my assessor was a lovely young lady but I was turned down for PIP and when I got the report, it was blatantly obvious that they have been instructed to mark people as low as possible as the report was different in my opinion to what the face to face assessment was…i have appealed it, sent them a load of more evidence and await the outcome. As for requesting the report - wait and see because you have 4 weeks to get the appeal in and if that fails then tribunal…

Thanks Redman and good luck with that appeal !

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Hi Sally,

Know Redman said wait for the outcome but you can get a copy of the report a few days after the face to face and try and work out what they’ve awarded you. Tel number is at the top of the letter.

I got a copy of my report but first I knew that I got awarded something was £££ in my bank account!! It was my first application.

Hope you get what you deserve.

Jen x

a copy of the assessor’s report is useful when making a request for mandatory reconsideration.

“i wish to make a request for mandatory reconsideration because i disagree with what was written on question x, 7b and 4c.”

I would ask for a copy of the report straight away,if its good news great,no harm done. If its not,you can be preparing for dealing with the mandatory reconsideration and appeal in advance. Although they say the assessors dont make the decision etc if you understand the Pip rules and points system you can pretty much work out what the “decision makers” decision will be from this report as the qualified person gives their verdict by ticking which answer applies so i doubt very much they would over rule them as their appointed “expert!” Ollie