Hi everyone, I had my assessment yesterday how soon will I be able to get a report on how I got on and who do I go to get it. After the person left that was doing the assessment I remembered a lot of other things I should have told her .I was left very shaken by the whole thing .I feel I have not done enough.but there is nothing more I can do just waiting for the verdict.

It took 8 days for a descision to be made on mines although capita said it could take 8 weeks before I hear anything and they wouldn’t send out the assesors report until a descision had been made

write to them and say that you want a copy of the report as soon as possible.

i wanted to kick myself for not asking the assessor for one.

get in touch with Welfare Rights at your local town hall.

or CAB.

they can see what your answers will score and advise you on what to do next.

you should have a list of criteria that came with the form.

tell the truth but with any relevant provisos such as “i can walk 20 metres but often fall”

if you get reduced benefit put in a request for mandatory reconsideration.

if that also fails don’t be afraid of going to tribunal.

good luck

I just phoned up a couple of days after the assessment. The phone number is on the letter.

The report is available as soon as the assessor hits the send button. Decision can take a while though,

Hope you get what you want.


In northern Ireland the department for communities won’t issue the assesors report until your descision letter has been sent out

I had my assessment on Monday and phoned yesterday and they are sending me copy of report. I haven’t got any word of decision nor was it disclosed during phone call I’m in Northern Ireland

Just shows how inconsistent they are then they told me they were not allowed to issue it before. Mines still hasn’t arrived 2 weeks later and I phoned to get them to resend it was like getting blood from a stone they said they already sent it and I probably have a problem with my post going missing

Hi Anonymous, Can you please tell me who you phoned for a copy off the report Capita or the dept in N Ireland . I have had another letter from Capita saying they are waiting for information from medical references that I put down. Thank you


Mine was ATOS. When I had may home face to face interview I thought I would leave it a few days then phone the DWP - where the report was sent to. I asked for a copy then about a week later got a brown envelope with a positive result!

Oh I finally got a copy of the report a month later!


0800 587 0932 hi that is the existing claims number for pip NI office you need to ring them to get the copy of the assesors report Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Centre | nidirect

Hi every one , I phoned this morning and I was told that I cannot have a copy of the report until the They make up their mind what is happening. I also phoned Capita also they said that they have sent the report to Dwp. I also asked Dwp if my doctors report had arrived they said yes. So I will just have to wait now

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Yea it’s frustrating there is no DWP in northern Ireland it is the department for communities I think that’s why there policy is different and they don’t seem to be as easy to assesors report from I know a few people that’s had to phone up more than once because the reports are never sent out after being requested

I know of someone who phoned up to query the the award and she was primary progressive ms and was only given standard care after the phone call they got the assessors report it was completely different so she is going to appeal it .As far as I am aware the dept of communities is another name for Dwp as they do the same job but under different rules