Assessment tomorrow (Monday) UPDATE PIP RESULTS

No, I don’t recommend that 1!!! I know where your coming from though! Is it Capita Jaycie? apparently they are better? Don’t quote me on that! Good luck, tell them how it impacts your ability to carry tasks out, I’m not going to repeat myself, have pm you, let us know how it goes xx

It is Atos doing the area that I am in


I had my assessment 10 days ago and mine was carried out by ATOS. The man seemed really nice and understanding but suppose I will find out when I get the decision letter through. Hope your assessment goes well

Assessment over, the lady was really nice, but I realise that means nothing.

She was here for just over an hour. Typical, after she has gone I remembered all the things I wanted to tell her. She told me it is currently taking 6 to 8 weeks before you hear anything.

glad it was ok for you. these things really do put the fear of whatever in us!


Glad it’s done with Jaycie, hoping it’s a good outcome xx

Thank you xx

My face to face at home was six weeks tomorrow, I had a letter last Friday saying they had all the information to make a decision and not to contact them they would be in contact in due course. It’s a nightmare waiting for a decision and looking for the post delivery every day.

Don’t forget you can phone up and get a copy of the written report a couple of days after the face to face.

It shows which boxes were ticked and any comments the interviewer gave.

Doesn’t say what the outcome will be can give you an idea, and interesting reading.

Also, very useful to keep on file for the next time…


“Typical, after she has gone I remembered all the things I wanted to tell her. She told me it is currently taking 6 to 8 weeks”

Hi Jaycie, I believe we all think of what we meant to ask or say after the event. Well, we do all have MS!

You could have a DWP letter very soon to confirm they’re close to a decision & within a week or two the decision will arrive. Good luck


Just received the letter to say they have all the info. they need so maybe not too long now?

I am convinced I will have to appeal.


My PIP process took 12 weeks, I didn’t have a face-to-face assessment, because I included recent NHS reports and supporting letters, but they still asked for a Factual Report from my GP and report from my MS Nurse. I think this was to confirm a prognosis to gain a 10yr ‘on going’ PIP award. I paid my GP £12 for my letter of support - and GPs are paid £33.50 by the DWP for a Factual

Report if requested - so GPs like doing PIP, for extra cash. Just for interest - here is a sample copy of a GP’s Factual Report:’s_pip_assessment_form_(sample).pdf


9 weeks since my f to f and still waiting a decision although they have told me its iminant I wait with bated breath

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Thanks for replies.

I included very recent letters from Neuro, MS Nurse, Councillor and GP and still had to have face to face.


The majority of applications have an assessment, PJday was able to avoid it so let’s hope this will happen for most people with incurable conditions in future.

I self imposed mental torture & worry. I heard of people losing their motability car, many appeals are won and not too many need a formal Tribunal. Not long after my assessment I received both enhanced rates for maximum ongoing period of at least 10 years. I hope you hear very soon

Chrissie x

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How did it go?


Still waiting to hear Poll.x

I haven’t had the decision letter yet, but I had a copy of the face to face report sent to me and the Atos assessor was very fair in what she put.

If I don’t get a good outcome it will definately not be the Atos assessor’s fault. I have also had the letter to say they have all the info they need.


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I hope it goes well Jaycie, you should hear very soon let us know xx