PIP assessment

Hi everybody it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but I thought I would ask you if anybody has had the PIP assessment yet. I received my form and filled it in with the help of a nice chap from the MS centre in Bristol, now I have received a letter telling me they need to assess me at home later this month. This feels me with dread for obvious reasons, but I’m baffled as to why they want to see me at home, is this normal, or am I reading too much into it.

What do they actually do? I hate people in my private space so I am not looking forward to this one bit, can you say you don’t want them to come to your home, or would this be wrong. This is really worrying me and I don’t do well in stressful situations.

There are 2 companies doing the assessments. ATOS & CAPITA. Who you get is a geographical matter. ATOS see people at assessment centres in the main. Capita make home visits. Some customers have paper based assessments but they are usually clear cut cases. If you have ATOS you can request a home visit but you need a good reason.

i hope this clears things up a bit.


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Hi Julie, I think I would leave it as it is. I doubt they look kindly on anyone trying to change assessments. Dont rock the boat hun. Just grin and bear it, eh?


Sorry I haven’t got back to you, the message didn’t come through to me? I think my letter says Atos, I haven’t changed it I will just be glad when it’s all over. What will be and all that.


I have just left it alone wish me luck for tomorrow.x

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Yes, I do wish you luck for tomorrow.

Will you post what occurs please?


Hi Everybody

I received my decision letter Thursday, and I have given the higher rate of the care component and the standard rate of mobility, which unfortunately means I lose my car.

I’m not going to appeal as I cannot go through any more stress, it took me a week just to get over the assessment and the stress has been awful.

If I could appeal just on the mobility bit I probably would, as I missed out by 2 points and she put that I can plan a journey on my own and travel on my own, when in fact I told her I don’t go to places I don’t know on my own or drive places I don’t know, but you have to appeal all of it and I’m not willing to go through it again.

So I have spent yesterday looking at cars as I live in a village with a bus service that is at least half a mile walk to the stop over a bridge, which I can’t do, and my car is going to be gone by the 7th June, it’s a night mare because I drive an automatic, and there like gold dust.

Any way it’s probably better than I thought as I was concerned I wasn’t going to qualify for anything, as I have heard so may awful storys, so I will look on the bright side.

Best of luck to anybody going through it, if they new how much pressure it puts on people I’m would hope they would change it, but I think hell would freeze over first.

Julie xx

If you had higher rate you must have qualified before. How is it possible to un-qualify later on? I don’t get that! Have they moved the goal posts?

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Yes they most certainly have moved the goalposts!

Previously to get higher rate DLA for mobility, the test was could you walk 50 metres or more (reliably, safely and repeatedly). Now, to get higher rate PIP for mobility, the test is can you walk 20 metres (reliably, safely and repeatedly).

So as you can see, the test is markedly different. Try measuring 20 metres (if you are able to or get someone else to). It actually is further than you think, but it is a very different prospect to walking 50 metres. Essentially, it seems that they might as well have said can you walk at all. If you can, then you will not qualify.

Personally, I should qualify when my time comes. But it’s a different matter saying I ‘should’ qualify to I ‘will’ qualify. It’s all a question of proving it.


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so sorry you found it so bad.If i were you i would appeal because the fact you have lost on 2 points says it all.I think you should have been awarded high rate for mobility,Have a rest from it but i would appeal can you get someone to help.I joined the Benefitsandwork forum,they have all the info you need to appeal.