PIP assessment advice

Hi folks, it has been years since I was on the boards here, looking for some advice, I have just got a letter to say that I have an atos assessment for PIP and borderline freaking lol. Does anyone have any advice or had experience of being assessed by atos and what to expect?

thanks in advance


Not yet, got that to look forward to but just wanted to say welcome back, good to see you again


thanks Val, have been keeping reasonably well - aye, all things considered.


Try not to worry to much.

Are you having a home visit or are you going to a centre ?

Just be honest and tell the assessor everything that effects you daily.

Have you got Someone to go with you? I took my wife and it was good as she could help me with the bits I had forgot.

Hopefully you will get Someone who understands MS. Luckily I did.

Let us know how it goes.