PIP assessment coming up!

My “consultation appointment with a health professional” is the Wednesday after next. I’m surprised my application wasn’t just turned down without the need for an assessment, but what do I know. Pretty sure I’m not going to be eligible for anything, and know I feel the need to try and badger my brain into letting me eradicate cobwebs etc. Pressure!

Hi Jelly,

Got mine tomorrow and I am dreading it !! I am not expecting to be successful either, and so much hangs on it as my son is off to Uni in September and I shall be on my own. He has been fantastic these last few months and taken over so much that I struggle with. I don’t know how, without help, I shall cope without him.

Sods law that I am just coming to the end of 4 weeks being signed off work, (due back next week), so I am the least fatigued that I have been in a long while although the leg is playing up really badly, possibly the heat, I don’t know.

Still, fingers crossed.

sally x

The very best of luck to you, Sally! From what other people have said, there’s a very good chance that your assessor will be well informed about MS, ask the right questions, and it won’t be a horrible experience. Think positive