Yikes -PIP Assessment appointment next week

I have an assessment appointment next week. Any hints or tips would be hugely appreciated.

Janet x

I read through my claim form before i went. Are you taking someone with you?

I had my wife with me and it was good as she was able to remind me about things I would have forgot to say.

I was lucky as the Lady who done my assessment had a good knowledge of MS.

Try not to worry about the assessment and just take your time answering the questions.

Hope it goes well for you.

Just don’t forget that you are being observed all the time and that you shouldn’t try and do anything you feel uncomfortable doing just to try and please them . Hopefully the assessor has a knowledge of MS and how it can effect people as mine didn’t.

Hope it goes well for you i have just sent my form off again as they are looking at my claim again a year early even though i was awarded my claim by a tribunal , so off i go again just have to keep smiling and don’t let the buggers get you down.


I’m wondering about asking them to come to me rather than struggle in to an appointment. Is this realistic or should I try to make it to them ?

Just the whole prospect of getting in to the city fills me with dread


Hi Janet

Are you changing from DLA to PIP or is it a new application entirely? The reason I ask is that if you are currently on DLA for mobility and you ask for a home visit, then the purpose of your DLA award is not being met. ie. the point of DLA and PIP for mobility is to help people get about outside of their home. And if you currently receive DLA for mobility, but can’t get to an appointment then you may be turned down for the mobility component of PIP. Obviously if it’s a brand new application this doesn’t apply and you have nothing to lose, and indeed everything to gain by letting them know just how difficult it is for you to get there!


Just wanna wish you good luck hun. Xx

Just wanna wish you good luck hun. Xx

Mine was done just over a week ago, by an NHS occupational therapist. She asked me about a typical day, from how I manage from getting up, showering, toilet, dressing. Food preparation and eating. I attended in my attendant push wheelchair, but took my elbow crutches. She asked me to walk, just a few steps. She asked me to squeeze her fingers, and to lift my legs, couldn’t do that, and to take my heel across to my ankle and slide the heel up to my knee, couldn’t do that either.

She asked questions from the computer and typed in the answers as I spoke.

i tried to make sure she knew how restricted I am, but there were a couple of things I could kick myself (ha, kick, that’s a laugh!) for forgetting.

My husband took me and stayed with me. It took about an hour. No result yet, she said that’ll be four to eight weeks.

As my fingers are crossed for me, I’ll keep them crossed for you too.

got mine on 18th for renewal of pip and although i didn’t request it some one is coming to my house which i really don’t want!!!



if your assessment is with Capita you should get a home visit.

if it is ATOS it is likely to be away from your home.

More info is available on


Thank you for all the advice and encouragement. I wasn’t on DLA so I called Capita and now I’m getting a home visit next Friday. Now I don’t have the worry of whether I can manage the journeys and the assessment I feel much less worried about it. Fingers crossed, I’ll just tell them how things are.

Thank you all again

Janet x