Assessment today

Wish me luck my pip assessment is today between 10 and 12. Feeling nervous but hope I’m prepared!

I hope it goes well for you. Are they doing a home visit ? I have two assessments at home and they went fine . Michelle and Frazer xx

Wishing all the best, good luck. M x

Thank you both. I think it went ok. Nice young man who seemed quite sympathetic, ex paramedic.

Yes I was a home visit.x

Glad it went ok x Pam x

I’ve had my own assessments and been present when a few friends have been assessed too. I’ve found that assessors who have experience with ms are more understanding. Some of them however, like the one who did my last assessment made me feel like I was on trial and any benefits I may have tried to claim were being deducted from his salary. It didn’t help that I had brain fog that day either. He confused me so badly that I couldn’t wait for him to go. I’m glad yours went okay, it’s not very pleasant when you’re left feeling like a beggar who has just tried to steal the food from his kid’s mouths. Take care Cath x

Getting what your`e entitled to depends on the person who assesses you.

It`s all a game and luck of the draw.

I can say this based on my own experience.

Totally agree with you.Some people get the short straw and get a jobsworth i think a lot of it depends on the assessor on the day.Its not fair at all.

My letter arrived today, enhanced for both reviewed in 2029


Great news … you must be relived

Yes I am thank you

Well done Marya x

God I wish my wait was over! x