hi eveyone,iv applied for pip.and have had letter back to say we have to go for a face to face meeting,as anyone been to one of these it would be nice to know what to expect,thanku christine x

I’m still waiting for an assessment Christine, can you get to the appointment ok with your hubby? If not then phone them, I really thought you’d have got a home visit…

Sorry but there’s not much I can tell you but good luck

Sonia x

thats ok sonia,yes my daughter is taking us its hard with mick,as his ms as got worse,but i have updated them on this ill be in there with him as he finds it hard to absorb,sonia im getting upset latley,i will ask the nurse when i see her but why is so many ms people on here,can write and read,and seem to be alert micks brain seems very affected by his ms they have told me they think his ms is aggressive is that why,his like this,anyway i think we will get the pip because his so bad it as taken so long tho x

Aw sweetie, I wish I had answers for you, I know you’re in a really difficult place right now. When you have the assessment, I’m sure Mick will get it as I know from what you’ve said that you’re having a tough time.

I hope you’re getting a little bit of relaxation time too, you need it. I’m glad you’re daughter is taking you :slight_smile:

Take care and good luck with the assessment, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you

Sonia xx

Hi when is the appointment? Sounds like a home visit would`ve been better for Mick.

Good luck hun.


thats true poll,but my dogs are a pain yappy,we will be ok as long as i take the wheel chair x