PIP Face to Face help

Hi everyone,

I have my face to face tomorrow and I have basically buried my head the sand as my mood is so low at the minute that I just don’t feel able to cope or deal with anything else except getting up out of bed most days; basically if I don’t think about it, it’s not happening!

The guy on the phone said that it isn’t a appeal so I’m not sure what to expect so any advice on people’s experiences good or bad

Also once a week for 4 hours I volunteer at Samaritans as a listening volunteer, it’s always easier to listen to someone else’s problems than your own I think, is this something I should omit? I must admit struggle for the rest of the day and the day after with more than my normal fatigue and pain but it’s so worth it for me to feel that I can be useful and while I’m there I almost feel like the Steph I was before I was told I had MS, even if I have fallen asleep face down on a table!

I don’t to dupe anyone but I also don’t want to endanger the money I need to live on, pay the rent and keep my dogs in the life they are accustomed to!

I know there must be threads upon threads about this topic so feel free to only apply with links!

Thank you so much for reading this and thank you again for any and all advice you can give me!

Steph xo

Hi Steph, is it at home? Think they will be more interested in how you get to the volunteer centre than you actually doing it. Their very keen on ability to walk unaided for more than 50 metres, safely, without pain & could you repeatedly do it. It’s more about your ability to carry out tasks & if you need help with them, eg, if you tell them you enjoy walking your dog, you won’t be entitled to the mobility element because they will say you can walk & plan a journey. Much the same if you get to the centre on your own, by car or public transport, it’s these facts that will determine your mobility component, not the fact you help people by supporting them on the phone. Hope all goes well x

Hi Steph,

I am sure its now 20 metres , which is really silly,good luck, i am dreading getting my letter in the post , i am sure itwill be here soon.

Regarding working they are not to bothered about that as we are allowed to work, this is not works tested.

and yes how to cope at home how you get about with daily tasks… so worrying, wish you well.

Yep 20 metres the length of two busses…

PIP for mobility is payable at two rates, the standard rate and the enhanced rate.

To qualify for the standard rate on physical grounds, the maximum distance which you are expected to be able to walk (reliably, safely, repeatedly, etc) is 50 metres.

To qualify for the enhanced rate on physical grounds, the distance reduces to 20 metres.


Yes Folks some good helpful comments herein.

I am having a face to face next week as well but since I work 2-3 days a week about 50 miles from me it will be futile to argue I cannot plan a journey. I can walk about 20m does at a stretch but I cannot stand for any length of time. For those bed bound 2-3 days a week it should be a no-brainer but i wonder are these assessors on a bonus system based on the number they can get off the system?

I am currently on enhanced rate but think I will do well to maintain the standard rate-sorry for the negativity but am hearing they are very strict on it.



Don’t forget that the test is not whether you can walk 20 metres full stop, it’s whether you can do so ‘reliably’. This means can you walk this distance to an acceptable standard (whatever that’s supposed to mean), safely and repeatedly. So if you can walk 20 metres but then need a long sit down before doing it again, then essentially you’d have to be judged as unable to do it. Equally, if you can walk 20 metres, but then turn around to do it again and are unsafe doing so, then again you can’t be said to be capable of walking 20 metres.

As you say, in your case it’s all about the physical distance since the cognitive aspects of mobility are within your grasp, so it’s a case of demonstrating what you are capable of doing physically.

As you say, it’s possible that you’ll only qualify for the standard rate, but do keep in mind that many (if not the majority even) of people who appeal against their PIP decision win, and that’s after the ones who’ve had the decision changed my on reconsideration.

So it’s not the end of the road (metaphorically) if they decide to only give you the standard rate detail the huge numbers of people who are winning their appeals. Good luck.