Pip help

Hi I’ve got my pip assessment today they are coming to my home to do this , just wondered if anyone has been through this and what I’m to expect ? Thanks

Hi Cody.

I went through a PIP assessment a few weeks ago with Capita. I have to say the assessment carried out by my assessor Helen was all done in a very simpathetic and helpfull way.
It cirtainly was not an Inquisition, just a health proffesional try to assess (no pun intended) your limitations / capabilities.

As your assessment is in your home (well done on getting this) I would assume you are severly limited in your capabilities (sorry).
Just tell your story truthfully and I’m sure you will get the outcome you wish for!

Hope this is helpful!
Take Great Care!


Thanks a lot that’s put my mind at ease a little x

Hi The assessments are carried out by ATOS or capita, dependant on where you live. Capita will make all assessments at the persons home. ATOS will invite claimants to an assessment centre, unless your GP sends a letter saying you need a home visit. I hope the assessment went ok. Neil

Well I’m fuming my assessment should have taken place at 12:30 today and no one turned up … I called capita and they said it was all scheduled for today and they had no idea why the health professional hasn’t come out to me … They apologised and I now have another appointment date for the 15th July now I put my original claim in January :frowning: I’m so angry


at least they backdate it but that’s no help to you right now I guess.

Fingers crossed it goes smoothly for you

Sonia x

Oh Cody

I was just about to reply asking how the assessment went.

That is so disappointing.

How would they like it if they turned up and found noone at home.

Shazzie x

Oh chuffin eck! I was also about to ask how it went.

I too would be fuming after getting up and ready in time and getting anxious about the assessment.

Now you have to go through all that again. Not right at all!!!

luv Pollx

ps good luck hun.

Hi all Well I’m slightly more calmer today but it really did anger me yesterday as u said poll I had got myself ready for the as dement and I was quite anxious about it … Just to sit for hours waiting for no one And no explanation as to why no one turned up and have to go through it all again Hey ho Suppose there isn’t much I can do but they def wouldn’t be impressed if it had been the other way round

Well round 2 today pip assessment if they turn up this time fingers crossed I’m not left waiting around all day for no one to show this time … Will post an update later to let u all no how it went xx

Good luck. Jan x

Thanks … Feeling very nervous again so be glad when it’s done Xx

Hooray :slight_smile: had a lovely lady turn up to do my assessment and wasn’t as bad as I expected was here just over half an hour she has told me they have a huge backlog but I will hear my decision through the post just not sure of how long it could take so just have to wait with my fingers crossed (not literally as i can’t cross my fingers anymore lol ) Xx

Hi Cody.

Excellent news!
For your info,
the DWP are trying to get the decision part done within 3 weeks (unoficially) of receiving the Assessment results
from Atos / Capita.
So if everything is staightforward you should have a letter in about 4 weeks time!

Good Luck!


Thanks Steve that’s great to no :slight_smile: Just glad it’s all done now xx