PIP Info

Hiya Everybody,

Not sure if this will be of any help to anyone but thought I would post, just in case :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have had the PIP Home Visit Assessment today done now. I am supprised to be able to say that it was basically a meeting regarding the form that I had put in.

I had no ‘tests’ asked of me such as the usual 'touch your toes and scratch your nose types, that I have had to do with the DLA before now lol! So grateful about this but really confused now as I thought it would be much more ‘in-depth’ and they would be really testing me on what I can do; i.e. Mobility and things wise. However I wasn’t tested on any of this…

So ummm, what happened to the 20 metre rule thingy?

Saying that I did ‘shuffle’ out to the kitchen to get some Meds stuff, so mayb they were just watching without me realising?

I was told that it would be quite some time before they contacted me as ‘she’ had to go off and write up the report and then passs this on to the ‘decision makers’ and they are ‘very busy with everyones’ claims, so it will take a long time’ she then said to me…

Like we would not know this as everything takes forever with the DWP or anything ‘Govermental’ innit grrrr!!!

The lady that came out was some sort of ‘clinical nurse specialist’ but when I asked her what was her ‘specialist’ she refused to tell me and said that it was her business and she was there about me and not her. ‘Fair nuff’ i told her as no point in fighting bout it is it, specially when I am wiped out again with all this pallarvour.

Wasn’t sure where she was from as she sounded ‘caribbean’ - don’t know if this is relevant?

Well I hope eceryone is as well as can be and hope this helps somebody too…

God Bless

Anna x

You did more tests than me when I went for my assessment. It was more about how your day was and assistance, help you required. Barney

Hi Barney Owl,

Ty for replying.So would you think that I have anything to worry about then regarding this PIP assessment today. I think I just messed things up, especially as the lady didn’t actually ask me questions about things like what I needed. Come to think about it tho, she didn’t really ask me anything really much. :frowning:

Proper worried now!

As she wanted me to do all of the talking and I didn’t really always knew what to say to her, as I wasn’t asked questions to anmswer. She was typing loads tho on her lap top but i got no idea what she could have put down on it :(Proper worried now as im not used to doing all this DWP stuff and just feel like what is wrong with me isn’t ‘wrong’ nuff

God Bless

Anna x

Anna, Try not worry yourself about it, I don’t think anyone knows how to deal with these things correctly. I came out of my assessment not knowing either way. All I can say is that we just have to wait and see what they come back with. I don’t get this DWP stuff either, took me a while to actually start the process, it is all confusing. Take care Barney

I had my face to face assessment for PIP on 23 September and have still not heard anything yet. I phoned DWP two weeks ago and was told that they hadn’t received the report from Atos, and to ring Atos. Atos told that they are very busy and somebody is still writing the report about me which will be sent to DWP, somebody else then has to write another report and then somebody makes a decision about me. I don’t know how long all this wil take, benefits are all new to me as I am still employed, although on long term sickness absence, and I applied for early retirement last week.


So sorry for the multiple posts, it didn’t seem to be responding and I don’t reply very often, just browse. Vicki

Hi, well its done now Anna and theres nothing more you can do, except to wait for the decision. I do think it was a bit rude for her to say it was her business what her specialism is…as a professional medical person, what would she have to hide about that. Sounds a bit too officious.

But hey-ho, she`s gone to do what she has to do and you wont have to see her again.

I hope the decision is the right one and you need worry no more…or for however long you are awarded the benefit.

luv Pollx