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Hi. I went for my pip assessment today, and wasn’t what I expected. Was asked about my symptoms. Asked few questions like can I cook. Wash dress etc. But how do they determine what points you are awarded. I wasn’t asked can I cook in microwave or anything. Just “can you prepare or cook a meal” in which I answered no. I wasn’t asked how far can I walk. I would have thought that would have been important factor. And I wasn’t asked how often my disability affected me. I was having bad day today and couldn’t walk, had to be helped into room. She never gave me physical test to do she said she could see I wouldn’t be able to do it. And she said she would put this in report. I was given a memory test tho. She said to me 3 words “ball bat and bus” she then gave me some sums to do, then came back and asked me what 3 word where. Any one know what this was about and how does this prove anything. Also don’t want to read anything in to it and build hopes up. But I’m thinking as she never got me to do physical test, she is going to put in favourable report. Is it the nurses report that determines outcome of your award?

Mmm, interesting. My PIP changeover will be sometime this year.

I will be interested in your other replies.

Hope you are successful!


If the assessment was carried out by a medical professional, I would say the report should be favorable.


I gathered that it had to do with cognitive memory. But I have never made any claims saying I had issues with memory. I have virtually no balance and cant walk length of myself. So more I think about it, I am now concerned they will say I don’t need help as I did memory test ok.

I haven’t claimed anything yet, and i’m confused about it all. The attacks i’ve had so far have luckily cleared up 100% which is great, but what do you do when you’re having a bad a** attack? Claim for the couple of months that u can’t cook or walk properly, then unclaim for the few months you’re well. I don’t like lying, or taking what i don’t feel i deserve, but when i’m having a relapse i feel i am deserving, then when it clears i feel like what is the fuss. What do people think? Anyone else have these thoughts? xx

I agree with you. I have always worked full time had a career. I dont like being on benefits. But I have cut my hours in half this year. I get terrible fatigue and virtually have no balance. I have now only got half income coming in. So if I get refused I would have to move in with my mum and I dont want to do this as I would loose the little independence I have left. You have to do what you feel is right for you x

Hi, me again…just got summat to add.

you mention about being on DLA/PIP when things are bad and then not being on it when you are doing better…you cant come on and off the benefit like that.

As we never know when the bad times will happen, we have to fill forms in as on our worst days.

Nowt wrong wi that. It aint lying…it`s being realistic.

luv Pollxx

I have has MS for over 20 years, 5 years ago I had a particularly nasty relapse that wiped me out for the best part of nine months. Seeing how it affected me my cousin filled the forms in for me, with my permission of course. I was awarded standard care and enhanced mobility DLA, when I returned to work I cancelled the care but continued with the mobility. I had to retire last year due to the worsening of my MS, in Nov I reapplied for care and was again awarded standard DLA.

You must do what you feel you need to if you genuinely need help with care then apply, if you genuinely need help with your mobility then apply. Non of us should be made to feel guilty for applying for something we need.

Jan x