Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend.

Rachael is in receipt of PIP and has been since she was diagnosed. She received a letter from them a few months ago saying she was to get a review interview. They are coming to the house to assess how the disease is affecting her. Anyone else have this and what should we expect?

Linda x

Hi Linda, I had my assessment three weeks ago at home. I was petrified but had no cause to be. The lady who came was very friendly. I was asked how my illness affects me. How I get on with washing, cooking, going out and general living. I was asked about my medication, when I next see my neuro, whether I have physio or OT. I was also asked to do some physical tests : turn from side to side, bending my head forward then standing from a sit position. She then asked if I could stand on tip toe, rock back on my heels (both caused me to lose balance) and finally she asked if I could squat but I said no as that would cause me too much pain and risk me falling. You don’t have to do any physical test if it causes you pain. Good luck, don’t worry but always answer anything as if it was your worst day. Xx Julie xx

Thanks Julie, feel better knowing what to expect.

Linda x