PIP assessment tomorrow


I have my pip assessment tomorrow morning. This is my first time claiming a benefit so i am unsure how the system works.

If anyone has any tips or advice it would be much appreciated.


Is it possible to have someone with you?

Sam x

As far as i know it is.

My wife will be taking me and i want her to be with me for the assessment.

Hi just to say good luck with your assessment tomorrow ,iam glad you can take someone with you it helps so they can remember things you may forget. Just be aware that you will be observed from the moment you enter the room you are being seen in and every little thing will be noted down, but just be honest about how you are coping and how you manage things and how you are felling .

Good luck. Katy.

Thanks Katy

Ye i will probably need some prompts from my wife as i can’t rely on my memory these days.

I will remember what you say about being watched from the moment i arrive. I will be honest with them about everything. Just hope its someone who understands ms.

Thanks Jackie

Ye the application form is huge. And certainly takes some time to fill in.

That is good, I wish you well for tomorrow xx

Thanks Sam

Thought i would give a quick update.

Had my assessment this morning and the lady working for ATOS was very nice and seemed to understand ms. She said it usually takes around 4 weeks for her report to get back to the decision maker.Then i would receive a phone call from the decision maker to say if i qualified.

So now i will just have to sit and wait. And hopefully get a positive outcome.

Hi Irons really glad its done!!! Hope it goes right for you, been thinking of you all day!!! X Tracey x

Thanks Tracey.

I hate having to wait for the decision.

Hi Irons

Glad it went ok for you. Hope you don’t have to wait too long and the decision is good.

I know Atos have had a bit of bad press of late but I have always found them to be useful when they were the people that Occ Health used to assess my ill health retirement. I had three assessments with them and all three they were very kind and like you say seemed to know all about MS.

Shazzie x

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Hi Shazzie,

This was my first experience of the benefit system and the assessment was a lot better than i thought it was going to be.

The lady did say she knew quite a bit about ms and that she had worked with my ms nurse a few years ago.

So all i can do now is wait and hope.

hi irons,

i’m sorry that i missed this post when you left it, i’m glad it went well and i hope you post the

results when you get them.


I will let you know when i get the decision.

Glad to hear it went ok.

just hope you arent kept waiting eons for the decision and payment.

Just been on the news about how long folk are kept waiting.

positive thoughts…