PIP query

Hi I called the DWP this morning as put in a new claim for PIP in October and I haven’t received anything through about going for an assessment but I did see reports about it saying there is back logs etc. The girl I spoke to was really helpful she advised me that my claim went to DWP decision makers and they haven’t requested that I go for an external assessment all they are awaiting on my G.P’s report then they will finalise my claim. I was really surprised at no assessment as I’ve seen loads of post on here about the hoops everyone else is going through to get the support they need. I asked the girl why I wouldn’t need to do that and she explained I put enough information on my answers for them to get my G.P to complete there 23 page reports which they don’t expect to get back until the new year and then the decision markers will make the decision based on that. So what I wanted to know if anyone else on here as has been awarded PIP with the external assessment? Thanks Polly x

Without the assessment that post above should say! Apologies Polly

Hi, my PIP claim will be in 2015, as i`ve been on DLA since 2000.

I expect there was enough info, plus with your GP`s report, you are clearly eligible for the full amount.

Dont concern yourself with why you`ve not been called in. Just be glad, eh?

luv Pollx

I’m still on DLA not PIP but mine was up for renewal in July. I completed the forms, sent off copies of various letters from consultants to my GP - I was cc’d on them - hence having copies. My claim was renewed and increased (was on higher rate mobility and it was increased to higher rate mobility and middle rate care). The process took less than 4 weeks with no assessment. I was totally shocked.

As an aside I’m have not been diagnosed with MS (still under investigation ? MS) but I have a number of other conditions.

Hi Poll I’m so glad as really wasn’t looking forward to being a room with strangers trying to express the way I feel and the thing I can’t do. The only reason I thought I might have got the assessment was when I asked my G.P for something in writing to send as I have very little in writing, she told me it wasn’t needed and when they write to her she will answer the question they have and it would be an unnecessary cost for me paying her for reports. She told me to write that on my claim form that she hasn’t provided me with anything as will await to here from them directly. Hopefully I will hear in the new year the girl this morning was so informative she told me all the dates of when my claim was passed around from department and when the report was sent out to my G.P So far my experience with the DWP has been surprisingly good. Polly x

Glad to read that Polly.

luv Pollx

I applied for PIP and finally had my assessment on Monday morning - only after ringing ATOS and getting tearful that my appointment was initially booked mid-afternoon, mid-week meaning both me & my husband would have to take a day off work and apparently the time could not be moved! Luckily the lady agreed she would see if they could appoint another time for me.

I had hoped, since I’m likely to be PPMS, they might not assess me but they did.

I’m now going to try really hard to forget about it, enjoy Christmas and worry about the outcome as and when it happens… It was stressful tho, I can’t lie about that! So please keep your fingers crossed for me :wink:

Sonia x